If you’re new to the world of online marketing and plan on making any money whatsoever online, you need to consider investing in a coaching program like AWOL Academy.

If you’ve already jumped into the game and have a website or media platform that’s not generating as many leads or as much traffic as you desire, having a coaching program can really give a life-saving boost to your bottom-line.

A dramatic increase in traffic and sales is your goal, right?

You may feel comfortable with the idea that you can provide your customers the services they need.  You have the wisdom, knowledge, insight, and ability to do the job well and better than anyone else.  The problem is, there’s still A LOT of stuff you don’t know.

Not take advantage of a coaching program like AWOL Academy is the difference between someone looking up your name in the phone book randomly, knowing absolutely nothing about you, and doing a full Google search where they can see your credentials, positive reviews, years of service, education, and more.

That’s the power of having insight into the marketing world.  You may be THE expert in your field, but without knowing how to market your knowledge, you’ll be fumbling around in the dark.

AWOL Academy provides a safety net for potential customers so they can have better faith in your ability to serve their needs.  Their goal is to help turn you into a trust authority figure in your market.  If you know how to reach out to them with great, regular content, they will keep flooding back for more.

How AWOL Academy can improve your online marketing:

1) Teach you how to increase your mailing list.  If you’ve been searching for a way to find new potential customers and leads, knowing how email marketing works will do that for you.  You can then follow-up their interest with sales, newsletters, surveys, or whatever information you need to become a better marketer.  

2) Give you better visibility in social media.  Hopefully you have several social media accounts devoted to whatever it is you do.  If you don’t, you’re sorely missing out on many benefits social media has to offer.

3) Develop a deeper connection with your audience.  This was briefly touched on earlier, but there is potentially no better way to gather information about your customers than through social media.  It gives them a voice and a connection with you they couldn’t possibly have anywhere else.  


When they choose to subscribe to your blog or page, you can ask them virtually anything you want: address, phone number, email, etc.  AWOL Academy can show you how to use this information to improve the way you market.

There’s much more to starting your business online than being an expert in your field.  Knowing how to properly market yourself, using the top strategies used by experts today, is the key to having success.  The world is social crazy right now.  You need to harness this power at your fingertips.  AWOL Academy can help.

For more information about AWOL Academy and becoming a digital marketer, check out this FREE pdf download of ‘digital freelance marketer’.  

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