New Value Series! Lesson One: Time To Get Weird… (trust me)

This Will Make You More Interesting (and your clients will love you for it)…

Hey it’s Keala and I have this friend who is insane and kind of brilliant…

Read this whole thing because there’s some personal and business advice that can help you “become more interesting.”

So as you may already know, we had this huge Elite Summit thing happen in Vegas.

It was bonkers with all sorts of knowledge being blown out of “brain cannons” left and right and leaving everyone dumbfounded and awestruck.

Aaaaaand something else happened that only those who attended will remember… ????

Anyway, so I have this weird friend that drove up from blazing-hot Arizona to semi-hot Vegas.

When he finally got to Vegas, he wanted to grab a bite to eat…

But instead of going to literally ANY place to eat that is only found in Vegas…

…guess where he goes??

He goes to Arby’s.

Not only that…

He goes to Arby’s and doesn’t order a sandwich…

…but orders just a plate of meat with cheese sauce on top (???).

No joke.

Anyway, now here’s the brilliant part:

The reason why he chose to do this was because he said it was “interesting.”

He told me everyone goes to the food places that are local only to Vegas.

But he chose to go off the beaten path and go to an Arby’s and ask for a plate of meat with cheese sauce.

You see, there’s a lesson here…

Yes, my friend is weird.

But what makes him “weird” or “interesting” is not who is, but what he does.

If you think about it, most people aren’t interesting (hear me out)…

…but that doesn’t mean they can’t become interesting.

What makes people interesting are their actions.

I believe doing interesting actions and putting yourself in interesting situations makes you interesting…

I think people that complain and say “I’m not interesting” are not taking enough action to become interesting.

It’s like they want “interesting” to be bestowed upon them like a hand-me-down denim jacket from their badass cousin.???

Many people think “interesting” happens naturally.

Sure you may have some weird quirks about you.

Maybe you move your hands a lot when you speak.

Maybe you have an “interesting” laugh.

But “being interesting” happens when you look at the world and instead of going for choices A or B…

…you go for E or F.

The choice that will open up a part of your brain that has the infrastructure to hold new ideas.

So, I need to ask…

Are you putting yourself in interesting situations to become more interesting?

If so, great.

If not, then do something small today.

Like go to Arby’s and ask for the ‘Meat Plate With Cheese’ (word spread quickly about what my weirdo friend did).

Do something different from what you’re used to.

See what happens.

OK, enough from me.

I think you’re great.

Now go get weird. ?

-Keala ??

  • 11 months ago