Tim Ferriss Gives You His Best Morning Routine (Maximize Your Day)

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Your Morning Routine… Start Strong, Finish Strong

When it comes to setting yourself up to create a day where you’re firing on all cylinders, it all starts with your morning routine.

I know, I know… you don’t like to get up early (who really does?).  Or you might think that you don’t have enough extra time to get in a quality morning routine.  One that leaves you energized, inspired and blasting into the rest of your day with focus.

Well this is why I wan’t to pass along this short video from entrepreneur legend Tim Ferriss himself.  As you’ll hear when you click the image above, an effective morning routine doesn’t have to be a marathon.

Instead think of it as a short sprint for your success.  Give yourself even just 20 minutes and you could have a morning routine that will have you living on fire!

Key Ways To Maximize Your Mornings

Make Your Bed:  C’mon now… make your parents proud and just make your bed first thing.  It’s an extremely easy way for you to score your first win of the day.  Plus you’ll hear Tim share how it also can free you from extra stress.

Movement:  Now you don’t have to go all Rocky 4 with it and run in the snow and lift boulders.  Nope… just knock out a few pushups, jumping jacks or some yoga poses…  all to get your body primed for progress.

Journaling:  Don’t worry this doesn’t have to be fancy at all.  Any notebook will do or even random scratch paper.  The point is to spend even just 5 minutes putting your thoughts to paper so you can clear your mind.  Clean slate leads to a day that is great!

Meditation:  I get it… you might be thinking meditation is a bit too “woo woo.”  But don’t.  Look at it more as a way for you to better respond to upcoming situations and challenges.  Meditation allows you to learn how to detach so you can react with reason not emotions.

Plus Tim shares one other pro tip that you can do the night before (takes 5 seconds) and it’ll help set you up for the perfect starting point for your morning routine.

Click the image above and let Tim Ferriss show you the best steps to kick off your days like a rockstar!


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