So, you have a dream.  Maybe it’s a huge dream that has never left your mind the moment it was conceived.  Maybe it was born recently, but the moment it was, you knew it was the very thing you wanted to do with the rest of your life.

What is the ultimate outcome of that dream?  What is your vision and purpose for wanting to go into business?  It’s simple, right? You want to make money and gain financial freedom while doing what you love.  But there’s more to becoming successful than having a big dream and the right amount of passion.

By defining your dream, you begin to flush out your purpose.  Believe it or not, your purpose isn’t all about you.  It’s about making a contribution to society as a whole.  What problem or issue will you and your company solve?  How will you improve people’s lives?  Let’s face it. Unless you’re meeting the immediate needs of other people, you won’t do too well in business.

There are only two reasons why people buy things:

1) To avoid pain.

2) To gain pleasure.

If you’re not meeting one or both of those needs, your dream will never get off the ground.  As an example, if you were to start a painting company, you’re not just solving a paint problem.  It’s much deeper than that.  What is it about you that stands apart from the hundred other paint companies in town?  Why should the customer hire you instead of them?  

In freelance marketing, the answer is: your uniqueness.  Your fingerprint.  Listen to the market and find out the biggest challenges your clients and customers face.  Then destroy those challenges.  But you can’t do it alone.

If you want to build a sustainable business model that survives even during tough economic climates, provide a product or service that truly improves the lives of your clients.  It will serve their needs directly rather than creating other needs in the process.  

Here’s another interesting tidbit you might not know: customers don’t always know what they want or need.  When you really stop to think about it, how often do you realize you need or want something before it has been presented to you?

For example, when presented with a new smartphone, you’re rarely focused on what you need it to do.  You don’t think about the things it can’t do yet.  You just see what it can do that your previous phone couldn’t and that’s enough to meet your needs.

There’s a whole lot to freelance marketing that most people know nothing about.  They know what they want to create.  Maybe they’re even experts at what they do.  That still doesn’t mean they know how to take their product or service and sell it.  They don’t understand the various tactics and selling strategies the experts are currently using.

This is where the ‘solopreneur’ mentality begins to break down.  The reason why most businesses fail is because the business owner doesn’t know what they’re getting themselves into.  They don’t know the market, much less how to convince the market to buy from them.

This is where teaming up with a coaching platform like AWOL Academy can impact your freelance marketing goals from the start.  Their team of experts will sit down with you and show you the ropes.  Are you weak on email marketing?  Do you want better conversion numbers?  Do you know how to use Facebook properly to drive maximum traffic?

The AWOL Academy team is led by some of the top freelance marketing experts today and they want to show you how to market yourself and your business.  They want to team up with you to help you launch into a successful career of online marketing.  They will help you create goals, determine your audience, and show you how to reach them.

The truly successful owners know they cannot do it alone.  Most of the time, they’ve had coaches, teachers, mentors, hired other experts, and collaborated with others to forge new industries and improve the lives of their customers.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help so you can become successful right out of the gate rather than struggle on your own.

For more information about how AWOL Academy can help your freelance marketing endeavors, check out this FREE PDF called “Digital Freelance Marketer” here:

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