The 4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself

If you only read one blog post this year, I hope it’s this one.  And that’s because I want to share with you the 4 questions you must ask yourself.  At least if you’re someone who’s wanting to fulfill upon their greatest potential.

Now I’ve gotta warn you that these 4 questions on how to achieve more may be quite simple… but they will challenge you in ways that might shake you to your core.

Are you ready?  Let’s get into it faithful reader.

But Seriously… How Do You REALLY Feel?

man thinkingThis first deep dive question cuts right to the heart of the matter my brave friend.  And that’s because you must cut away all the B.S. and all the lies you tell yourself every… single… day.

You need to get extremely serious with yourself and ask the truth revealing question, “How do you REALLY feel?”  Because in our daily lives, we never really give an honest answer.

We just reply with some robotic two word responses like, “pretty good” (insert a shrugging of shoulders here).  It’s almost as if we don’t even dare peel back the layers of that onion when it comes to our honest emotions.

But once you have the courage to really sit with that question, you’re able to uncover your truth.  

Maybe you realize that you’re very happy with your career but deeply miss hanging out with your friends on weekend road trips.  Or it could be that you really feel like you’re working extremely hard to achieve some “lifestyle goal” when in fact you’d much rather live a simple life.

Or maybe you feel absolutely sick to your stomach that your current job doesn’t provide you the type of wealth or freedom you desire.  Deep down you really feel like you must become a freelance digital marketer so you can achieve a lifestyle of true control and choice.

Listen… this first question is a real doozy.  But the answers you’ll discover can open the long locked doors to limitless opportunity.

What Exactly Do You Want?

This second question kind of piggybacks off the first because it’s pulling back the curtain on your inner truth.  This is where you must let it all go and stop apologizing for what you want.

That’s right… stop apologizing for what you want in your life.  Because the fact of the matter is… it’s your life right? The people around you who spit out their opinions or feedback aren’t in your shoes… YOU ARE.woman smiling

Here’s a quick example.  A lot of people who are stuck in a “poverty mindset” keep telling themselves that staying broke is somehow righteous.  That they only need “just enough” and that finding a way to get rich is just someone being greedy.

Now let’s say you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with some big ideas you want to create and bring to the marketplace.  Do you want to help a ton of people solve their problems with your product or service… yes. And will it fill you with gratitude that you helped those people… yes.

But what if in the middle of all that you also want to make 10 million a year, own 3 luxury cars, fly on your own private jet AND spend half the year surfing in Bali.  If that’s exactly what you want… then own that dream!

And on the flipside of that coin if you want to earn the same but give 99.9% of it to worthy causes and travel across the U.S. in an RV… then own that dream too.

No matter what you say you want… never apologize for it… own your dream.

Will You Commit The Next 12 Months To Your Goals?

Okay first off… congratulations!  If you’ve stuck it out this far and asked yourself those first two questions, then you’re taking actions that 99% of the world won’t do.  So pat yourself on the back and give yourself credit. You own your dream.

hourglass timer in rocksNow the next step is to ask yourself will you commit the next 12 months to your goals?

(Sounds a bit scary don’t it?)

But again, these questions are meant to push you… force you outside your comfort zone.  Because without stepping up face to face with these realities, you’re just playing games.

Look anybody can be inspired, motivated and dedicated to their goals for a few weeks, maybe even a few months.  It is when you lock in your dedication for 12 straight months is what will separate you from all the wannabe’s.

Now am I saying that over those 12 months you won’t have off days and setbacks?  Of course not… I’m not a total lunatic. Life is going to knock you on your a$$ from time to time.

But if you maintain our discipline to keep working harder, smarter and with 157% commitment to your end goals for 12 months… I guarantee you’ll be blown away at what you accomplish.  

Look those 12 months are going to come and go no matter what right?  Commit to creating your dream and see what happens along the way.

Are You Willing To Do Anything To Win?

Okay my friend… you’ve made it to the final one of the 4 questions you must ask yourself.  This one is your last hurdle to clear as you race towards your goals.

Ask yourself and be brutally honest… are you willing to do anything to win?

And if you’re not, then accept that fact as your reality moving forward.  Coming to terms with your honest answer to this 4th question can provide you a peace of mind most never achieve.

On the one hand, if you’re not willing to do anything (and everything) to win… then you’ve released a lot of pressure on yourself.  Plus you can move forward being content with exactly what you get as you move through your life.

This may shock you that I’m saying this… but sometimes realizing that you’re perfectly OK with a normal life is calming to the soul.  And if that’s what will bring you happiness and you know it’s the truth… then you’ve won.

But for many people (and I think you’re one of them) normal just won’t cut it.  You’ve got big and bold ideas that are churning man with icon baseball capand burning inside your mind.

You wake up every morning with a passion for redesigning your entire life… to show the world how much you can achieve.

You’re the type of person who is done settling for “average” and you won’t be satisfied until you’ve maximized all of your potential… every last ounce.

Are you willing to do anything to win?

I know you are.

Now go get it.


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!



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