NEW SERIES: Second Secret For Daily Success (and it’s fun)!

Science Shows This Habit Makes You A Better Person…

Hey there my friend, it’s Keala again and today’s “success secret” is similar to yesterday’s secret…

However, this secret has actual scientific studies(1) that show how it can make you a better person (and salesperson).

No joke… 

OK, I’m gonna keep this short because I already sense your jittery “get on with it” tone…

The second success secret is reading. 

Now, when you read that just now you probably had 1 of these following reactions…

1.) Uuuuuuugh reading is boring. 


2.) I love reading! 


3.) Reading it OK… when I find the time. 

Now, similar to listening to inspirational audiobooks, when you read, you are “putting in” good fuel and “putting out” a high-grade business and personality.

Plain and simple, right?

But here’s another thing that’s important about reading…

You see, studies(1) show that reading (specifically literary fiction), has the ability to increase your empathy.


The reason why is because in literary fiction the reader is able to get inside the protagonist’s mind within the story and see “how” and “why” they do what they do.

Now let me ask you this…

What makes for the highest conversion rates??

Is it discounts galore and promos just to see what “sticks”…?

Or is it listening and understanding where your client is coming from, and then applying your solution to their specific problem. 

That’s empathy. 

It’s not to “feel sorry” but to see, feel, smell exactly what it’s like to BE your client.

And that’s what literary fiction teaches.

So here’s what you should do: 

Keep reading your inspirational books from successful folks that help you do high kicks throughout your day.

And starting today, begin reading some literary fiction, even short stories.

As you read your short story or novel, underline areas where the protagonist (i.e., main character) expresses what he/she is feeling and their motivation to do whatever it is they decide to do (aka the action).

For the folks that say, “I don’t have time to read…”

Follow the great Stephen King’s advice…

Wherever he goes, he carries a book with him because he says that no matter what he’s doing, there’s always 5 minutes to read.

In other words, there’s no excuse NOT to read.

Everyone has 5 minutes…

Now go read something fun.

You’ll become a better person for it…

…and your clients will notice, too.

Hope this helped.


Talk soon,

– Keala Kanae




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