Lesson Two! Reversing The Risk… And Reaping The Rewards

Do This “Mindset” Shift To Win Over More Clients With Confidence

Written by Jason “J-Boom” Legaard on June 3, 2018


Imagine this real quick…

Your prospects are standing at the edge of a cliff…

The wind is howling and the only thing they feel is RISK.??

Do it or don’t…

…that’s the burning question inside of your potential customer’s brain 24/7 and 365 days a year.⏳❓

As they stare at your email…?

Your sales page…?

Or talk to you on the phone…??

They are constantly teetering at the edge of that cliff.?

Your job??

Flip their script!

Your number one goal is to help your customer understand that risk is all in how they approach it.

One person’s risk is another’s massive reward.

You want to show your potential client the difference.

Okay… so how do you do it?

Well, let me share with you two powerful keys that could crack open their mindset vault.??

Let’s break that lock!

 Risk Reversal #1: No purchase… No chance.?‍♀️

Far too often a potential customer is only concerned with the risk of clicking that order button and plunking down their credit card.

They put all of their focus on the money spent, thinking only of the “supposed” risk of the product not working out.

It’s as if when they spend money on something that has the potential to change their lives for the better… they assume the worst.

And that just plain sux!

What you want to do is break them out of that pattern… and QUICK!

The best way to do that is to flip the focus on the cold, hard fact that if they don’t make their purchase… there is only one guarantee…


…the guarantee that by doing nothing… nothing is what you get!


Your job as a leader is to show your customer that their purchase at the very least… provides them a chance at change.

And many times it’s embracing that chance that blows everything wide open for your customer.


 Risk Reversal #2: What are they giving up? (Everything)??‍♂️

Next up as part of your one-two punch of risk reversal, you absolutely need to make certain your customer understands what they are giving up.

And that could be virtually… EVERYTHING.

The family vacation where they miss out on that once in a lifetime moment watching their kids sprint into Disneyland for the very first time…???

Missing out on that life-changing feeling of knowing with confidence that they now wake up every day NEVER WORRYING about money EVER AGAIN…

To miss out on the chance to finally create a career where they call the shots and have complete control over their destiny.

So your job is to remind your prospect that they simply aren’t “giving up” on making a purchase.

They very easily could be giving up on every possible dream they’ve ever imagined.

And I don’t know about you faithful reader… but that seems like far too high a cost.

Show them that the risks… lead to limitless gifts.?∞


So, you FIRED UP to take your shot at raking in some seriously sweet rewards?

I know I am.

-Jason “J-boom” Legaard

  • 11 months ago