AWOL Academy Reviews – The REAL Story from Behind the Scenes

What is AWOL Academy?

When someone asks that question, it’s not a simple answer.

Inside the world that is AWOL Academy, there is a multitude of high impact, life-altering tools, and resources combined with a truly connected and inspiring community.

AWOL Academy is an educational platform…

Provides personal development empowerment…

And seeks to be an inspiring global change agent.

And all of it based on a fundamental idea.

The idea that anyone willing to invest in themselves, operate from a position of supreme belief and puts in the dedicated work can create Another Way Of Life.

So it is with this core concept that the co-founders Kameron George and Keala Kanae moved forward into the marketplace.  To create something that could alter the framework of what “freelance digital marketing” could represent for thousands of people.

Keala sums up their mutual mission short and sweet below:

“AWOL is dedicated to equipping the 21st-century entrepreneur with a very specific set of skills… a set of skills that truly can set you free.”

Keala Kanae: Co-Founder of AWOL Academy

Now the big challenge that AWOL Academy faces on a daily basis is the unfortunate perception some people have in regards to online entrepreneurship.

But it’s a battle that they are not only ready to take on…

It’s a battle they are ready to WIN FOR YOU!

So Is AWOL Academy Your Best Solution?

If you’ve been scouring the internet for any amount of time, you know there seems to be a never ending stream of online courses that promise you “click button success.”

And too many times, many people (maybe even yourself) end up investing their hard earned money hoping for a miracle.  And 9 times out of 10, the “magic course” doesn’t pay off.

But what about that 10th time?

What about a platform that over delivers in quality, support, community, coaching and high-level mentorship?

What about a platform that truly provides “real world skill sets” that can set your foundation for success and put you on a fast track of progress and profit?

Well, that platform is here and it’s called AWOL Academy.

But before we dive deep into the particulars of this educational platform, let’s introduce you to the co-founders behind this world changing vision.

Both of the co-founders, Keala Kanae and Kameron George came from humble backgrounds.  But this never stopped them from eventually discovering the proven methods that allowed them to create a thriving online business.  A business that seems like a dream compared to their days of working at coffee shops or back breaking construction work.

Keala Kanae – Co-Founder

Kameron George – Co-Founder

Now they are both on a mission to provide only the most current, top shelf training and mentorship inside the online business industry.

Their simple goal is to awaken as many people as possible to the immense breakthrough opportunities that freelance digital marketing can provide them. (and you!)

So now that you know a bit about Keala and Kameron, let me take you through the first step within AWOL that sets the stage for everything else on your path to profit.

That process begins when you get the chance to go through our Masterclass Workshop Webinar.  To be honest, after going through this 2-hour presentation, I know you’ll find it hard to believe we provide this content for FREE.

In fact, we’ve heard stories from AWOL students who admitted to us that this free content far surpassed many of the paid courses they’d invested in previously. Plus Keala himself presents all of the information during the webinar.

That way… from the start… you understand that Keala and Kameron are far more than co-founders.  They are in the trenches with their clients every single day!

Now once you’ve devoured all the kick butt content on the webinar… what’s next right?

AWOL 101 is your answer…

AWOL 101:  Your Personalized Journey

AWOL 101 sets your foundation.  And this process pulls no punches.

This first step into the world of AWOL Academy really sets the tone for just how serious and committed Keala and Kameron are to your success.

AWOL 101 is a unique, powerful combination of 3 key components.

  • Deep Dive Questionnaire
  • Business Planning Session
  • One on One Coaching Call

This way you are able to ensure that all of the basic building blocks are in place before you even begin to dive full on into the Academy training.

And to top it all off, this personalized approach within AWOL 101 is offered at an absolutely ridiculous price point.  We here at AWOL Academy wanted to make absolutely certain that absolutely anyone could take their first step with one minimal investment in themselves.

The AWOL 101 Proprietary Coaching Process is certainly one of a kind and ensures every brand new client has the clarity and confidence to move forward.

Moving forward means diving into the various “Academy” training…

  • AWOL Pro Academy
  • AWOL Inbox Academy
  • AWOL Conversion Academy
  • AWOL Traffic Academy
  • AWOL Masters Academy

Each one of them concentrating their focus on a particular combination of skill sets.  Next up…

AWOL Pro Academy

picture of the AWOL Academy Pro Academy product bundleInside Pro Academy, you’ll find a unique combination of the basic building blocks for your own successful online business as well as some of the more advanced tools and resources.  This powerful combination is just one of the reasons why AWOL Academy is setting the bar high with our products.

As Pro Academy is our intro level product, you would expect all the basics and maybe a small bonus that teases out what more is to come.

But Pro Academy launches the brand new freelance digital marketer onto a high-speed fast track to a fully functioning, automated, profit producing machine!

Inside Pro Academy, you will find 25 jam packed training videos.

What’s truly impressive about the training modules is that it’s literally step-by-step, click-by-click as if Keala is right there in your home office.

So this way you are able to integrate every single tool and set it up for maximum effectiveness for your business.  Here’s just a sample of what you’ll master within AWOL Pro Academy.

  • You’ll discover how to setup your custom domain and hosting for your own websites.
  • You’ll learn about WordPress, why it’s a vital part of your business and how to perform a “1-click installation.”
  • You’ll find out all about the two pillars of your business: lead capture pages and autoresponders (and how they can become your automated business builders.)
  • You’ll discover the importance of “tracking” and how it allows you to maximize the ROI on every single one of your advertising campaigns.
  • Keala guides you to the best way to find the highest converting offers to promote AND how to get the right type of traffic to those offers.
  • Plus you’ll be given access to “guru level wisdom” when it comes to profiting from prospects that don’t even want your product. (This type of specific knowledge 99% of marketers don’t know of… or ever apply!)

As you can see, the type of intense training within just Pro Academy sets you up for long term success while allowing you to make immediate progress.  Keep in mind that what I’ve mentioned above is only a small portion of what’s included within Pro Academy.

In fact, as you go through the modules within it, I’m sure you will be shaking your head in disbelief at the level of value.  And you will have to continually remind yourself that it only required a small investment!

So if you’re brand new to the world of “freelance digital marketing” then AWOL Pro Academy will set you on the correct course to set the foundation of your first, fully functioning, profit producing sales funnel.  And allow you the means to duplicate previous successes.

AWOL Pro Academy certainly sets a high standard in the industry and addresses the challenges of any brand new marketer.

Next up, your deep dive into the realm of email marketing with…

AWOL Inbox Academy

picture of AWOL Academy's Inbox Academy product suiteOnce anyone has been involved in the online marketing world for even the shortest time, they will hear the catchphrase “the money is in the list!”

But how does one ensure you are able to gain access to that money by communicating, connecting and converting with the types of messages they receive from you?  In fact, before you can even worry about your sales conversion stats, you need to make sure your SUBSCRIBERS READ YOUR EMAILS.

That is where AWOL Inbox Academy digs deep and leads the way when it comes to the often overlooked importance of email marketing.  Especially with all of the current focus on social media platforms and the latest Insta-chat or Snap-gram… the vital importance of building and maintaining an email list seems to have faded into the background.

But without your own email list of engaged subscribers, you are setting yourself up for a fall in your business.  For social media platforms come and go, your email list is a lifetime asset!

That’s because in the end… YOU OWN YOUR LIST.

Not Facebook, not Instagram, not Twitter.

Within the high-level information presented in the modules, AWOL Inbox Academy reveals the secret, exclusive tactics, and strategies used by the top email marketers around the world.

You’ll master the techniques that will ensure the highest percentage of your subscribers see, read and TAKE ACTION on your messages.  Which of course, in the end, means higher conversions and MORE SALES.

And once you apply even just one of the top level techniques inside the course, you could begin creating making an impact in your own business… just like Keala and Kameron did in theirs.

AWOL Inbox Academy will take your email marketing skill sets to a supreme level and can bring a burst to your bottom line.

Speaking of your bottom line, that takes us to your all important conversions with…

AWOL Conversion Academy

picture of the AWOL Academy Conversion Academy product suiteIn business, there’s a saying that,

Nothing happens until…you sell somebody something!”  Zig Ziglar

And you know what… it’s completely true.

For until you make a sale of your product or service, there is no income.

And with no income, there can be no forward progress.

Without growth, your business ultimately fails and you will never be able to help yourself.  Or the thousands of people that were desperate for your knowledge, expertise, and solution to their problems.

AWOL Conversion Academy provides you the most elite level knowledge and insights in order to achieve your number one goal in business.

And that is to turn as many of your visitors and subscribers into loyal fans and highly satisfied customers!

Making that transition from brand new visitor to a happy customer will become practically second nature once you dive into the AWOL Conversion Academy modules.

Keala will reveal the best-kept secrets to high conversion rates…

  • Learn the art of writing with hypnotic language.
  • Realize the immense power of storytelling and why YOUR STORY is the most effective piece of your marketing strategy.
  • You’ll discover how to use live presentations, persuasive copy writing and more.  All allowing you to build an intense and irresistible desire… even need… for your audience to take action on your offers.

Which then allows everything else in your business to thrive and strive for the next level of progress and potential profit.

Once you implement the techniques within AWOL Conversion Academy and watch how your ROI can skyrocket… your initial investment will seem like a mere drop in the bucket.

But of course, in order to increase your conversions, you need a continuous stream of people that see your value and offers.  And that means Traffic!

AWOL Traffic Academy

picture of AWOL Academy's Traffic Academy product suiteNo matter if you’re brand spanking new to online business or a 10-year veteran… one thing never changes.

We all need traffic to our websites.

And we need it all the time, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Never stop, never stop.

But not only does AWOL Traffic Academy solve the problem of how to get traffic… but it makes certain you are only accessing THE BEST forms of it.

For when it comes to traffic, there can be a major difference between sources.  And that grand canyon of difference in quality can result in you either burning up cash with no conversions or igniting a firestorm of consistent profits.

The choice is yours… and the choice is AWOL Traffic Academy.

First off, the AWOL Traffic Academy is a monstrous mountain of knowledge.  Within the 6 modules, you’ll find a grand total of 35 videos lessons!  So when I said there’s a massive amount of information here… I wasn’t joking around.

The main focus of AWOL Traffic Academy is teaching you how to completely master every aspect of Facebook Marketing.  Why Facebook?  Simply because in the current here and now of online marketing, Facebook ads continue to provide the greatest leverage in your paid advertising.

You’ll learn all the basics, how to create your first ads, master the power editor, install your Facebook tracking pixels and a wide variety of other “ninja ad hacks.”

You’ll soon be mastering every style of ad within Facebook as well as creating custom audiences.  Plus discover how to dig deep into the well of targeting information with tools like “Audience Insights.”

The sheer volume of training within the AWOL Traffic Academy blows every other traffic course out of the water.  In fact, I’ve seen some high ticket programs that don’t even touch on the wide range of knowledge that’s included here.

If you’re sick and tired of wandering aimlessly on the internet, scrounging and scraping for high quality, high converting traffic… then AWOL Traffic Academy is your one and only resource.

This is the type of investment in yourself that can set you up for long term success.  Hopefully the only problem you’ll have going forward… is the “traffic jam” as people line up every day to see your offers!

After all of that, what could possibly be left?

AWOL Masters Academy

picture of the AWOL Academy Master's Academy product suiteThis is where you are able to take your success as an online entrepreneur to the legacy level.

AWOL Masters Academy is only for the truly serious entrepreneur.

Everything that I’ve gone through with you so far has been about setting the foundation of your skills and at its core… learning the process of building your new freelance digital marketing career.

With AWOL Masters Academy, it’s about BECOMING WEALTHY.

It’s one thing knowing how to make money with your business, but it’s in mastering the methods of growing and keeping your money that secures your lifetime legacy.

And not just your lifetime, but for your family for generations to come.

Inside the Masters Academy, Keala and Kameron brought in some of the world’s top minds when it comes to money management, strategic tax planning, investing, and more so that you can achieve TRUE WEALTH (i.e. the freedom to work only if and when you want)…

For it’s only when the money you make begins to work for you… that you have any shot at all at having long-term lasting wealth.

You’ll have exclusive access to some of the most cutting edge information on how to maximize every dollar you make… or spend.  Once you’ve progressed through AWOL Masters Academy, you’ll be part of a select few that are in a position to potentially secure a lifetime of financial security.

But again keep in mind, AWOL Masters Academy is not for the typical “wantrepreneur.”  This type of high-level knowledge is reserved for only the truly dedicated entrepreneurs.  The ones who are in this for the long game… and looking to win for a lifetime.

Are you one of the few?

Is AWOL Academy for You?

When it comes to finding top notch training, coaching, community, and mentorship within the online business world… it can be a bumpy road.

The sheer volume of tools, systems, and resources on the marketplace can not only overwhelm a brand new marketer but the experienced ones as well.  With the constant updates in tech, staying current on “what’s working now” can seem virtually impossible.

And this is why something like AWOL Academy is such a revolutionary breakthrough and blessing for every single freelance marketer.

Keala and Kameron have constructed a system of academy training that builds off each other.  They’ve set up a logical progression for their clients so as to do their absolute best at setting them up for “real world success.”

They set a solid foundation with their client’s with their AWOL 101 Proprietary coaching process… diving deep into the client’s current situation and skill level.

Followed by the deep dive, expert level training modules that make up the core of Pro, Inbox, Conversion and Traffic Academies.  Each academy providing only the most current strategies and zero sugar coating about what it takes to do things right.  And how to profit consistently!

Finally, for those who are looking to design a lifetime of wealth and legacy, AWOL offers their Masters Academy.

A high ticket training that lays out the groundwork for long term investing, money management and generational wealth creation.  For the serious minded entrepreneur, Masters Academy is their access to designing a legacy.

One of the most impressive aspects of what Keala and Kameron have done with AWOL is their “hard truth approach.”

No fairy tales or wishful thinking within AWOL.

It’s all about being a dedicated student of the game, mastering the methods and putting in the work daily.

That is how their clients are able to consistently win.

While so many other entrepreneurs fall to the side of the rough road of broken dreams.

So if you’ve been searching for a comprehensive solution to creating your very own online business… I don’t believe you need to search one more day.

If you’re ready to make the shift into your ultimate success…


You deserve Another Way Of Life.

And it can begin for you right here… right now.

Go ahead and download your free copy of “Freelance Digital Marketing Secrets” at the bottom of this page and get a taste of what AWOL Academy can do for you!

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