When it comes to making money online, most freelance marketers fail by expecting a win right away.  They’re after instant return on investment, and if they don’t get it, they consider it a failed venture.

The reality is, if you want to grow your business into a 7-figure-plus behemoth, you need to create something that’s competitor proof.

What happens is, if you find a way to instantly shoot up the ranks of e-commerce stores in quick fashion, your efforts will only spawn competitors looking to dig in the same minefield you’re digging in.  And the more diggers who show up, the bigger the chunk taken out of your profits.

You need to play the long game.

Take your time building the foundation of your business first.  If it takes you six months to break even, it’s likely you won’t have any competitors following you. This is how you gain a competitive advantage over those who expect instant profit.

You can gain this competitive advantage by investing in a coaching program like AWOL Academy.  It exists for the sole purpose of helping new freelance marketers get their feet under them and build that solid foundation needed to start a successful business.

You’ll last much longer by taking the time to build and foster relationships with clients.    

Here are some facts:

-Selling to a new customer has between a 5%-20% success rate.

-Selling to an already existing customer has a success rate of about 60%-70%.

This is how you play the long game, by taking advantage of averages.  By taking advantage of expert coaching programs like AWOL Academy.  They will show you how to market both to new and already existing customers.  They already know how to help you market your product and how to take advantage of the latest strategies currently being used by marketing experts.

The secret is, it’s going to take you some time to get there.  Don’t be fooled by promises of instant success.  That’s not how you build a profitable business for the long run. Getting into freelance marketing can be quite difficult and frustrating at first, but if you stay focused, stick with it, and have a team of experts who can show you the ropes, it gets easier.

When new freelance marketers get caught up in the promises of instant success, they often find themselves in a pickle, having wasted a lot of time and resources chasing a pipe-dream.  It’s often a guru’s book or some type of pyramid scheme, but they only teach you how to make money for them.  You leave no better off than you were when you started.

That’s why AWOL Academy makes no promise of instant success and wealth.  They understand, having gone through the process themselves, that you must put in the work.  You must play the long game and take your time learning these strategies and putting them to the test.

If you’re a new freelance marketer and interested in learning more about how AWOL Academy can help you get started the right way, click this link for a FREE download of the digital freelance marketer PDF that will show you how.

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