Elite Summit Day 2: 
Marketing Secrets Revealed

Top Online Experts Share Game-Changing Marketing Strategies (And Your Quickest Path To Profit)

9 Minute Read | by Jason “J-Boom” Legaard

 Welcome back to this 3 part series recapping the Elite Summit. Today we’re diving into Part 2: “Cutting Edge Marketing.” To say that Day 2 of the Elite Summit was overflowing with marketing wisdom doesn’t come remotely close to doing it justice.

The sheer volume of value that the lineup of world-class speakers poured into the crowd was nothing short of inspiring. In fact, trying to share with you a taste of what Day 2 contained in this single blog post will be nearly impossible, but I’ll give it my best.

Nick Shackelford: Scaling Your Success

Right out the gate on Day 2, Nick Shackelford broke things wide open for attendees by revealing master level Facebook marketing insights. The crowd was absolutely addicted to his “behind the scenes” information regarding how to ramp up your results with Facebook ads. (All the way to the tune of spending a million in a month!)

Attendees quickly were able to learn the crucial key concepts that allow them to squeeze every possible bit of profit from every dime spent on Facebook ads.

Nick broke down his market proven “creative testing cycle” that guides you through a step-by-step process of maximizing what he calls your “ad assets.”

Attendees were able to walk away from Nick’s presentation with an ability to apply best practices to those assets in order to craft ads that continuously produce at their highest capabilities.

So even if someone was starting from absolute scratch leveraging paid marketing on Facebook, they could fast track their profits in a matter of months, not years.

Benjamin Jacques: YouTube Domination

Next up was Benjamin Jacques sharing how to turn your YouTube channel into an automatic sales machine.

The crowd was fired up to hear how they could create their own YouTube videos that tap into viewers’ emotions at the perfect time when they are ready (and anxious) to buy.

Benjamin taught the attendees his personal secrets to…

  • Locate the top 50 buyer keywords
  • Building a “customer avatar arsenal” for laser specific targeting
  • And the 3-Part Process to designing a YouTube channel that solves viewers’ problems and turns them into raving fans and customers.

By the end of Benjamin’s speech, the crowd had everything they needed to immediately launch their own high impact, profit-producing YouTube channel.

Bailey Proulx: Rockstar Re-Marketing

Following that, the audience was treated to a deep dive training by Bailey Proulx on the supreme leverage of remarketing to audiences for maximum paid marketing results.

Bailey showed the attendees his own highly-profitable re-marketing matrix. With this streamlined method, you’re able to target the most “white hot” prospects available.

And as a result of keeping your primary focus on only these top-level prospects, you’re able to achieve the highest level of connection with the lowest lead costs. 

James Van Elswyk: Advertising Advantage

Hitting the stage next was James Van Elswyk, a master of paid advertising through both Facebook as well as native ad platforms. Audience members heads were swimming with a tidal wave of top-tier strategies on how to develop consistent, winning ad campaigns within both Facebook and native platforms like Taboola

James was able to simplify a multitude of advanced concepts into straightforward and applicable formulas. He even showed us his calculated approach to discovering if an ad is worth his time, money, and energy. (Hint: If 100 clicks are sent to a website and receive 3 conversions, then James puts his money and energy behind that website.)

Now, James covered a metric ton of specific strategies. However, one of the most impactful pieces of content was how he ended his session. His last slide read: “LIVE IN YOUR DATA. REFRESH. TAKE NOTES. THINK. SLEEP. LEARN. PROFIT…”

Jake Schmidt: Instagram Influence

For those were looking for next level training on Instagram and influencer marketing, Jake Schmidt definitely brought the house down.

Within his jam-packed presentation, Jake revealed the exact steps on how an audience member could quickly craft attention-grabbing, viral content.

He shared the crucial aspects of copy design, compelling images and focusing on “edutainment” that rakes in tons of followers and turns them into future buyers. Jake even shared various apps that allow you to reach out to top Instagram influencers and begin developing high profit working relationships.

“Having access to leaders who are ‘in the trenches’ of what’s happening now inside all aspects of marketing is what makes Elite Summit such a game changer for all who attend.”


Chuck Mullaney: Email Mastery

Chuck wasted no time in digging into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to become highly effective (and profitable) with your email marketing. He addressed the aspects of email you can control that generate the greatest results like…

  • Choosing the best “from email” domain
  • How to craft the body of your message
  • And continuously encourage high engagement with your readers.

He also revealed the “painful truth” of what to expect from email software providers so as to manage expectations. It’s this type of balanced approach to the training that allowed every Elite Summit attendee to walk away with only the best “real world” knowledge.

Along with the training provided by various experts within their chosen field, Day 2 featured one of the top affiliate success stories in Chris Celeste.

Chris Celeste: AWOL Success Story

“It was an opportunity for me to change the way I was living.  To have more time with my family and free myself…”

Chris shared his journey with AWOL and what it took for him to start seeing a consistent 5-figure monthly income. In October 2017, he quit his job and went full-time online. 7 months later, he became the 2nd highest earning AWOL affiliate. 

He went from “grinding away” at his full-time job while his family went on vacations without him, to eventually going on multiple vacations with his family and still earning a full-time (and then some) income by telling his inspiring story and being 100% committed to his success as an entrepreneur.

Was it easy? No. There were plenty of ups and downs. But once he figured out his “secret sauce,” through empathetic engagement, that’s when everything clicked and he was able to scale faster than he ever thought was possible. 

Adam Holland: Fantastic Follow-Up

Crushing the stage next was Adam Holland as he shared his “Fantastic Follow Up” conversion secrets. Not only was his content top shelf, so was his “wardrobe” (see pic lol).

Adam shared his “5-Step Formula” that can guarantee you are consistently connecting with your audience, being yourself, building their trust in you (and product) and getting them ready to buy.

Plus Adam broke down his streamlined process on how to turn one follow up email into 5 additional pieces of content, saving you time while rapidly increasing your chances of higher sales conversions.

By simply following through on Adam’s content, attendees were well on their way to building a profitable email list that can last a lifetime.

Ronnie Sandlin: Persuasion & Profits

To close out Day 2, Elite Summit attendees were treated to a top-grade training on copywriting and persuasion with Ronnie Sandlin. Since Ronnie has been able to create his own multi-million dollar business online through his mastery of copywriting, attendees were all ears.

During his time on stage, Ronnie covered the “3 pillars of persuasion” and how each one can help move your customer closer to invest in themselves with your product.

He also broke down high leverage tools such as video ads and “advertorials.” No matter the tool though, the vital importance of crafting copy that moves a reader from interested to purchase is the key.

And in order to help Elite Summit attendees quickly master the art of copywriting, Ronnie made sure to reveal his 5 keys to a million dollar campaign. Many in the audience felt this formula alone was worth the price of admission to the summit.

As you can see, even one single day at a live event like this can be the game changer for your life and business.

So, if you are serious about your success as an online entrepreneur and you want to attend Elite Summit II in September, then you need to hurry because we’ve already sold over 300 tickets so far (and we have a cap limit). You can still register when you go here now: www.awolelitesummit.com

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