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“…The No. 1 Danger Of Playing Peek-Uh-Boo With Your Clients…(and why they miss you)”

It’s Keala and I’m gonna make this a “quickie.”

I’m at the Elite Summit in Vegas right now and someone very close to me reminded our AWOL Elite Tribe about the uber importance of consistency.

Small little steps, every single day. And not missing a single day or else you WILL pay for it later.

Which brings me to my next secret and it’s about emailing your list…

How often should you email your list??

Once a week?

3 times a week?


You email your list DAILY. 

I’m serious.

You wanna know why you email daily…?

I’ll give you a hint…

What’s on the Internet??


What’s on the Internet?

There are cats stuffing themselves into tiny compartments and it is adorable as hell.

There’s a whole videography of drunks fighting each other on YouTube.

Your customer is literally one click away from forgetting you and seeing the naughty stuff that I’m going to leave up to your imagination (*WINK WINK* lol)

I’m just being real. 

The Internet is the mystical playhouse that can conjure your every desire (oooh that’s a good line, yeah? ha ha ha but for real).

Now, if that’s the case…

…then what’s going to happen to you and your business if you email just once or twice a week?


You’ll be forgotten almost immediately.

So if you have this 20% off thing happening on your site and you’re not reminding your list every single day until the deadline ends…?

Then you’re wasting your discounted offer.

Might as well print off your discounted offer, crinkle it into a ball, bake it, and then eat it for dinner.

You HAVE to email your list DAILY.

Every single day.

“But what do I talk about, Keala??”

You give them value.

Talk about your day and tie it into what that means to them and their business or life.

You inspire and entertain.

Talk about anything. The fact still remains: you email them every single day.

You can even say you don’t know what to talk about but you still felt it was important to touch base and say hi because you genuinely care.

There you go. Take that line. It’s a gift for you (didn’t have time to wrap it).

OK. Here’s my advice I’m going to leave with you because I’m about to eat dinner.

You email your list daily and you’ll witness before your very eyes… your list of “clients” turning into huge fans. Seriously.

Becuase you are that important to them.

So act like it.



P.S. OK dinner isn’t here yet and I just thought of another weird analogy.

Emailing your list is like playing peek-uh-boo.

You email and it’s like you’re smiling big to your client and going “peek-uh-boo” and they laugh and smile back (unless it’s a bad email and it makes them cry… that’s for a different blog post).

Then what happens when you cover your face and they don’t see you??

The client forgets you’re there.

Think about that…

Ok, now my dinner is here.

Hope this helped.

Go email your list right now if you haven’t.

Do the work.

Done is better than perfect.

And your fans are waitin’ to hear from you.



False alarm. Dinner isn’t here and I just thought of another example.


Everyone knows her name. You know why?

Oprah commands attention.

She’s influential.

She’ll say “stop this” or “do that” and people listen.

She connects with her audience every single day.

What about us at AWOL??

You see, the most valuable thing about AWOL is not our training…

…it’s that we command attention.

OK I’m done. That felt good. You feel good?

Aaaaaand dinner is here (for real this time lol).



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