NEW SERIES: Fifth Success Secret Is About Who You Listen To (and who to avoid)…

How To Soak In Success Like A Sponge From Those That Have Climbed “Success Mountain”

Keala here.

I’m gonna share a quick (and important) story that will help paint a picture for the fifth “success secret”…

I was having a conversation with my mentor at the time (can’t remember the date, but it was many years back). 

I shared with him about a conversation I had with my mom and how she was giving me advice on this and that and wasn’t sure if I should pursue xyz right?

Anyway, my mentor stops me in my tracks and says…

“Keala, you no longer can take advice from your mom.”


Now that hit me pretty hard (as I imagine it would for anyone being told that)…

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my mom.

The point my mentor was making was this:

“Do not take advice from people that do not have the results you want.”


In other words, my mom didn’t have the results I desired for my online business.

So why should I take her advice in that specific area?

Up until that point, I realized I was taking unqualified advice from people that spoke like they knew what I was doing… but they weren’t.

They were just giving their own advice on what they thought was best.

Again, I LOVE my friends and family.

But I don’t want what they have.

They can only lead me to where they’ve been.

This “success secret” is called Mastermind.


And here’s how you apply it in your life…

On an everyday basis, you need to engage with other people that are:

a.) Where you want to be…


b.) Currently on the path to get there…


As aspiring freelance marketers, the majority of our day is spent on people that devalue us, make fun of us, think we’re wasting our time.

So every day it is our number one duty to fill up our gas tank.

To be around people that support us, inspire us, lift us up, and so on.

I do this in my own life.

Does that mean every person I talk to has to be a multi-millionaire?

Of course not.

It has to do with being around people that share the same values as me.

If you are negative and think the world owes you something…

I walk away.

No hard feelings.

I’m simply saving my “mastermind” mentality.

When you strive for success, you need to strengthen your mastermind daily. Start right now. 


OK. That’s it for today.


hmmmm… wait a sec.

I think I might have a surprise “success secret” coming up soon. 

I actually thought about it while leaving the Elite Summit. 

I’m going to post it soon, so keep your eye out for it.

It’s a goodie.

It’s basically a way to triple your copy sales (and it has to do with proving to the world that you’re “no good”… whaaa??).

I’ll let that boggle your brain a bit.

Happy Memorial Day.

Love you all.


  • a couple of years ago