Personal Development And Profits… Two Sides Of The Same Coin

“With my mind on my money and my money on my mind”

Snoop Dogg

No matter how much we might try to deny it, what’s on our minds when it comes to money takes up a huge amount of our time.  And if that’s a fact, isn’t it common sense that we’d invest our time making sure both are working hand in hand?

I think the scientific response to that question would be…

DUH! <img draggable=

Okay, so how can you ensure that your mindset is running full speed in the proper way to maximize your profits?  Check out these 2 mindset hacks to help you keep your brain bringing in maximum moola!

Pro Tip #1:  “Realize that money is not the root of all evil… but the seeds of lasting success and contribution.”

I mean c’mon now, how many times in your life have you heard the first part of that quote above?  There are two very big things wrong with that cliche, “Money is the root of all evil.” <img draggable=

First of all, that quote isn’t even 100% correct.  The actual quote is “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”  So if we’re gonna walk around with a crappy money mindset, we should at the very least get the damn quote right lol.

Secondly, if you’re fully invested in thinking that money is the cause of everything bad in this world, then you’ll never want to take the proper actions to receive more of it.

Because of course you don’t want to be seen as an “evil person with money.”  Whew! Can you already see how sneaky this money mindset stuff can get? 

Pro Tip #2:  “The farmer never feels guilty for the harvest… you shouldn’t either!”

As you read above, I talked about money being the seeds of lasting success and contribution.  And those seeds… aka <img draggable=<img draggable=<img draggable=… are the foundation of the harvest for your quality work.

Just like a farmer who plants seeds, works the soil, and adds proper nutrients, water and care… the same goes for you as a thriving, freelance digital marketer.  You plants “seeds” of high quality, actionable content with your audience.

You “work the soil” by connecting and engaging with that audience and provide answers to their questions.

And at some point, a certain amount of your audience takes action and purchases your product and service.  They wholeheartedly believe that you are the exact person who can show them how to accomplish their goal.  

The only way your audience will ever feel that level of connection is through you not playing the part of some high falootin’ guru… but a true “gardener to their soul.”  

Caring leads to Conversions… period.

So as you move forward… what step can you take right now to keep your mind on your money in the most empowering way When you do, watch how quickly your cash flow crops start flowing in from your fields of abundant focus.

Rake it in… you’ve put in the hard work. Your harvest has arrived…

And you deserve it. <img draggable=


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!

  • 8 months ago