Jim Rohn: Two Words That Can Keep You Moving Forward 

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What If All It Took To Succeed Was To “Try Again?”

Jim Rohn was one of the absolute masters of motivation. And this inspiring video is just one of the classic examples of how he could take just two words and create a massive impact.

As you’ll hear from the late great Jim Rohn in this simple yet powerful video, far too often what holds us back from achievement is not embracing the fact we can try again.

The path of progress that can lead you to your ultimate goal isn’t always the first route you see.  And sometimes it’s not the second, third or even 12th path you take in pursuit of your success.  

The only way to find the path that will carry you to the top of the mountain is if you try again.

Jim Rohn didn’t instantly become known as one of the all-time greats of motivational speaking… it took years and multiple attempts.  Constant learning and dedicating himself to the practice of getting better.  

So if that process was good enough for Jim Rohn… isn’t it fair to say it’s good enough for you?

You see as you’ll hear from Jim Rohn during this video above, part of trying again is understanding things take time.  You don’t plant a seed today and expect a gigantic harvest tomorrow… it takes time.  

You must have the ability to renew your passion for your personal growth and continue on… to stay until the game is over.  That’s the only way you can win in your life.

Try again… and stay the course.  When you do, I think you’ll be amazed at what shows up in your life.  So click the image above and let the profound words of the late great Jim Rohn sink deep into your heart, mind and soul.  

Let his words carry you forward and share your success with the world… and life will reward you with even more!

Are you ready to “try again?”

“Just hang in there… your harvest will surely come.”

Jim Rohn

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