Increase Productivity, Stop Doing "Fake Work" And Become Laser Focused

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Distractions Are Stealing Your Life (And Profits)

If you’re looking to increase productivity to the same level of the top 5% of elite performers in the world, you’re in the right spot my friend.  Because within this blog post and video above, you’ll understand how to silence distractions.

And once you are able to put a muzzle on all those things that pull you away from productivity, you’ll watch your results explode by a factor of 100X!  You ready?

Let’s dive into it.

“Fake Work?”

Whew… right out the gate in the video above, you’ll hear Robin Sharma address this sneaky challenge of “fake work.”  If you’re like me, you already know how getting caught up in this trap never helps you increase productivity.

Even though we think we’re so “busy.”

Now is the perfect time for you to leaving all that fake work behind you and instead put all of your focus into what truly matters.  And those are the activities that actually produce results in your life… results that can turn you into a superstar.

90/90/1 Rule

Isn’t it always funny how the most powerful and effective rules to increase productivity are always so damn simple?  This 90/90/1 rule is absolutely genius (and easy to apply) as you pursue your goals.

Simply commit for the next 90 days, spend the first 90 minutes of your work time on your #1 project.

Yeah… it’s that simple and it sure ain’t rocket science.  But if you apply this rule to your work whether you’re an employee or rocking it out as a freelance digital marketer… your results could take you to the moon.

Tight Bubbles? (Lock In Your Focus)

This one might blow your mind… it did mine.  You’ll hear Robin Sharma share above that studies show that we each lose at least 2 hours a day to distractions.  2 freaking hours a day!

Plus that doesn’t count the roughly 20 minutes we also lose trying to get back into our groove to increase productivity.  This is why he shares unique strategies on how you can create tight bubble of focus. (He starts sharing them at the 4:19 minute mark of the video above.)

Snatch those 2 hours back and watch your ability to get stuff done ramp up BIG TIME.

So Much More…

If you are looking to increase productivity in a massive way this year, watch the entire video above from worldwide thought leader Robin Sharma.  Stay to the very end as he’ll share how embracing minimalism allows you to become world class.  And don’t miss out on how you too can tap into the supreme power of your “trinity of assets.”

Let this be the year where you achieve more than you’ve ever dreamed was possible…

Transform your reality starting right now.

You’ve got this.


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