Bonus Time!  How You Can Increase Your Sales Revenue By Over-delivering

In the world of business and sales, every entrepreneur is seeking that edge, that extra something that turns a hesitant prospect into a thrilled paying customer.  One of the easiest ways to increase your sales revenue is through over-delivering on your promise.

Now don’t worry faithful reader, I’m not gonna ask you to give away the farm (well kinda) but I guarantee when you apply these strategies you’ll quickly see an uptick in your sales.

Because you see everybody loves Bonus Time!

What Is Bonus Time?

Well the first time I heard those words blurted out was from the crowd of hundreds of people at an elite level live event.  It became a bit of a fun running joke with each speaker. If the crowd felt the speaker had gone above and beyond… they’d yell BONUS TIME!

It’s this type of energetic exchange with your audience and prospects that sets the stage for you to increase your sales revenue 2X, 5X or even 10X.  Because everybody loves getting a bonus.

No matter what form those bonuses take… your potential prospects will be chomping at the bit to get their eager hands on extra goodies.  Okay so what could you offer as your Bonus Time?

6 Ways To Over-deliver And Increase Your Sales Revenue

guy smilingOkay so you’ve made the decision to provide that extra little ooompf of value to your customers.  So which type of bonus can you add to your existing offers? Here are 6 of the top ways to bring the heat with your bonus time.

Additional Downloads:  This can be as simple as some PDF downloads of a cheat sheet, templates or even an e-book.  And don’t think that you have to create some massive amount of content with these additional downloads.

Your main concern is that you offer resources that provide your buyers with fast track solutions… things they can and will use immediately.  And many times that top 10 cheat sheet is like pure gold to them.

Free Book:  Since I’m a total book nerd, this one always gets me psyched to make a purchase.  Offer up an actual hardcover book as one or your bonuses. What makes this a bit extra special is that it’s a physical thing your buyer will receive in the mail.

No matter how old we get, getting cool stuff in our mailbox and cracking open the box reminds us of Christmas morning.  Plus whenever they see that free book, they’ll remember you were the one who gifted it to them. The more they remember you, the more they’ll remember to buy from you.

Extra Video Content:  This has become almost a standard in the online marketing industry to help increase your sales revenue with your offers.  Just by adding in 2 or 3 extra video training modules makes your customer feel like you’re giving away the farm.

I know I’ve bought some courses from a friend of mine where he threw in like 5 other videos and I almost felt like I was stealing from him lol.  Any extra video content you provide will always be perceived as extremely high value to your buyer.

Free Coaching Call:  This is one of my all time favorites… a free one-on-one coaching call.  Now granted you can’t offer thiswoman smiling on phone call bonus up to every single buyer. Usually I give it out to the first 10 customers who purchase.

But there is something absolutely magical that happens when you get the chance to connect with someone on a live coaching call.  You quickly ramp up your rapport and they learn to know, like and trust you at almost light speed.

And as they talk with you on that call, they automatically start to feel like you’re now their trusted coach and friend.  It’s this personal attention bonus time that could add 5X to your bottom line and increase your sales revenue.

Community (Facebook Group):  This bonus has also become almost standard these days… and for good reason.  Offering up free access to a private Facebook group / community adds a whole new level of value to your offer.

Now your new buyer will not only gain access to your expertise, wisdom and support… but have the backing and love from an entire community.  A community made up of people just like themselves.

It is this feeling of being special and included that could cause many of your prospects to jump to the front of the line and purchase your product / service.

Free Live Event:  Now if you’re really looking to blow your future clients out of the water, offer them up a free ticket to your next live event.  This is where your ability to over-deliver on your value goes next level.

man leading live eventThis type of bonus works extremely well if you have a higher ticket item (say 5K and above).  For many prospects, taking that leap of faith to invest in themselves at this higher level is intimidating.

But if they know they’ll get all of your content, other bonuses AND a free ticket to attend your 1-3 day LIVE event… their faith suddenly has wings.  

Next thing you know, you’ve got a buyers rush hitting your sales team in a matter of moments.

The Final Piece

To wrap up this concept of bonus time so you can increase your sales revenue, I wanted to make sure you understand the fundamental principle behind why this always works so well.

It has to do with you “tipping the scales.”

On the one side of the scale, you have your offer (and bonuses).  The other side is your potential buyer’s money and their choice to invest in themselves with you.  At all times, you want to keep adding so much additional value to your side… that eventually… your buyer’s money turns light as a feather.

You want your buyer to feel as if the money they gave you in exchange for your high value product / service was next to nothing.  To have them feeling as if they got the greatest bargain of the century. To provide so much value through over-delivering that the thought of spending their money completely vanishes from their mind.

Over-deliver like this and your customers will love you for a lifetime… and you’ll love what it does for your bottom line.


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!


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