How Targeted Facebook Ads Can Improve Your Digital Marketing

Facebook is a remarkable place that connects the people of the world together.  But sometimes, it can be a little…creepy.  Have you ever wondered how Facebook seems to know everything about you and even what you’re thinking?

One day you’re chatting with your mom on Messenger about taking a trip home to see her and suddenly you see ads pop up from Southwest Airlines.  You browse around Amazon and linger around a book you’re thinking about buying, but decide to wait.  The next moment you’re back on Facebook and wouldn’t you know it, that same book is staring back at you.

Either Mark Zuckerberg is an Illuminati reptilian who can read the minds of all 1.75 billion users, or they know how to use their ad preference settings to pick up on your behavior.  Don’t worry, the answer is the latter, and if you’re a digital marketer, you can use this powerful system to your advantage.

According to Facebook, their goal is to make the ads people see ‘interesting, useful, and relevant’.  The way they do this is by allowing the information you share to be used for precise and laser-focused targeting.  That means you can literally target anyone on Facebook you want to reach out to.  

Facebook keeps ads “useful and relevant” to you in four different ways. It tracks your on-site behavior, such as your Likes and the ads you click, the device you use and location settings, and even the brand of phone you use and type of Internet connection. Most surprising are Facebook’s web-tracking efforts and how they collaborate with major data brokers.

When you have information on the websites you visit, the items you look at, the tracking of your behavior, and combine it with the information you’ve already willingly shared about yourself, you’ll see that Facebook as the most complete consumer profile on earth.  Therefore, creating a Facebook ad and knowing how to track properly is essential.

With all this information at your disposal, you have the ability to finely tune your advertising experience.  Think of it like this: the way most people do ads now is spending money to reach a general audience of people and maybe some of them might be interested. It’s almost like putting an ad in the paper.  Most won’t care, but you might get that one who does.

But now consider the impact advertising on Facebook will have when you can reach out and advertise to people who are ONLY interested in what you sell?  If you know who your audience is, you can create laser-focused ads that will reach those people.  This will give your digital marketing business a boost, but only if you know HOW to target.

Do you know all the ways Facebook will allow you to target your ads?  Do you know what each of the numbers mean?  If you don’t, then you’re wasting money throwing ads into a market that doesn’t even want to do business with you.  You’re short-sighting your profits.

Luckily, you have AWOL Academy in your corner.  AWOL Academy is a comprehensive teaching program designed to help you focus your advertising, which will improve your traffic and conversion rates.  By having someone in your corner showing you the ropes, you will be able to take advantage of Facebook’s powerful platform and ultimately make more money.


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