The Goldilocks Sales Strategy: How To Make The Best Offers To Close More Sales

When it comes to sales strategy, over time you’ll hear a mountain of marketing approaches.  Some focus only on offering high ticket items, some say only build off low entry ones. And still others say to keep it nice and safe with a “middle of the road” offer.

Which is the best?  Who really knows… it depends on your audience and what solution you provide to their problem.  But what if there was one sales strategy where you could simultaneously market to a trio of buyers all at once and close more sales?

Enter Goldilocks

blonde young womanYou remember that old children’s story right?  Goldilocks and the 3 bears and all that stuff. When you think about it… it’s kind of a jacked up story.

I mean she breaks into their house, steals a bunch of their food, uses their chairs AND beds (how rude) and then bails before they get home and never even got probation!

Okay enough about the injustice regarding the small time criminal Goldilocks.  But there is a high leverage sales strategy contained within that classic fairy tale.

And once you apply this to your business and how you make offers to your audience, you could very quickly increase your sales numbers.

Too Hot, Too Cold And Just Right

If you’ll recall, Goldilocks did her own little version of split testing when it came to her “sampling” aka stealing of the 3 bears stuff.  She tried one porridge… too hot. Another one… too cold. That last one… well it hit the spot. Well guess what… your customer audience is just like her in that they are seeking their “just right.”

Now if you’re only offering that first option inside of your business, your target market might consider too hot… let’s say you only offer a high ticket item.  Too hot = Too expensive. And if you only had that single high ticket item, you’d lose that customer immediately.

On the flipside, you might only offer a low ticket, easy entry item.  And sure your target market could buy it, but maybe they were more interested in a higher status item… with more value and prestige.person paying with credit card

And since you don’t even offer a higher ticket item, they might then disregard your original offer entirely.  Instead seeking out another company that places a higher value on their items.

Do you see the Goldilocks sales strategy unfolding before you now?

The key is to engage your target market using a sales strategy that leverages all 3 profitable pots of porridge.  Because within your audience, one of those offers will be the one that’s juuuuuuust right.

How You Can Use The Goldilocks Sales Strategy?

It’s very simple and easy to apply within your own business and depends on how you wish to approach it.  Here’s just one that I’ve seen used by numerous top marketing gurus and many friends of mine in the digital economy wonderland.

First off, you’ve got your 3 offers: 1 low end, 1 middle of the road and a high ticket item as well.  This way you’ve got all 3 bears working to build your bottom line.

Within your sales strategy, your initial marketing could present the high ticket offer right out of the gate… looking to attract your most dedicated and investment minded customers.  Of course your marketing message would reveal the insane level of 10X value your product or service provides them (no matter the price).

Why start with the high ticket so soon?  Well as one of my closest mentors burned into my brain the last 2.5 years, “You’re always looking for the quickest path to profit.”  A high ticket item is that path for most of us.

Unfortunately the mistake far too many freelance digital marketers make is to put all their eggs in that single high ticket basket.  This means that a wide range of potential buyers who weren’t quite ready for that high level purchase simply leave your sales page. That high ticket might’ve been just too hot.

Now here’s where your low end and middle of the road offers come into the mix.  After someone doesn’t bite on high ticket, you show them that extremely valuable middle offer.  Tons of value but at a reduced entry price. But maybe that one’s too cold for them.

Finally you make your low end offer.  Maybe it’s a $7 one week trial or a $25 one time webinar training to get them on a fast track.  And for some… that’ll be just right.  

Do you see the leverage you’re gaining here through this Goldilocks sales strategy?  Whether it’s high ticket, middle or a low cost entry item… one of those will be just right for a segment of your target audience.

So just remember that not everyone comes to the table the same…

But none of your customers want to leave feeling hungry.

Fill their bellies with your best offers and watch your business grow!


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!

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