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Hey, it’s Keala and here’s a question for you:

What happens to your body and mind when all you eat are bags of Doritos? 

What happens when you DON’T put gasoline in your car?

What happens to your mind when you let negativity control your day??

These questions may seem obvious to answer…

…but you’d be surprised by how many people eat Doritos all day long and wonder why they’re so tired or why they can’t think clearly.

What I’m getting at is this…

What you put out, depends on what you put in.

The same goes for your online business.

If all you put in your business is Doritos, then your business is gonna produce cheap garbage that will have ZERO lasting energy (aka “business longevity”).

Doesn’t matter how delicious Doritos may taste (especially at 2 AM), your business will not last.

The same goes for who you are as a person…

If you are spitting out hatred and negativity because you keep watching the news and listening to the polarizing nonsense that tells you the world’s gonna end, the water’s runnin’ out, and it’s hopeless, etc. etc. etc…

Not only will this raise your blood pressure and surely give you a shorter lifespan, but it can also ruin your business.

Here’s what I mean and let’s be honest for a moment…

Running an online business can sometimes be hard as hell, right??

There are so many down days that make you feel awful, like you’re no good, and maybe you should just give up.

I’ve been there. 

We’ve all been there. 

But if you continue to take in negativity, then guess what happens to your online business…?

Your clients will start to notice.

They will sense your negativity.

They will sense that you are consuming and putting out Doritos.

OK, so how do you solve it…?

Listen to inspiring audiobooks or talks every single day.

I keep this on a loop in my mind: I need to consume information from millionaires in order to become a millionaire.

I listen to powerful speakers while at the gym, in the car, or taking a walk around my neighborhood.

There is always at least 30 minutes in your day to listen to something that inspires and motivates you.

Again, this comes back to this simple method: what you put out depends on what you put in. 

If you consume healthy food…
…then you’ll put out highly efficient energy.
If you put in Doritos…
…then you’ll put out sadness and regret.


If you listen to inspiring talks and stories that teach you “how” to kill it every. single. day like the champion you are…

Then guess what…?

You’ll kill it every. single. day.

PLUS when the sh*t gets thrown at you (and it will)…

…you’ll be better equipped to take it on like it’s nothin’.

So when your online business is having a rough day, that motivational talk you listened to the other day will pop into your brain and you’ll know exactly what to do to turn the rough situation around.

Trust me. 

Because I’ve done it.

It took me a while to realize how important this step really was…

But once I started, I knew I couldn’t go a single day without it.

So be honest with me…

What are you gonna put into your body and business?


Or 100% organic protein?

Now I’m hungry (for success).

Talk soon,

-Keala Kanae 

  • a couple of years ago