Apple Safari Ready To Roadblock Facebook Pixels (And How You Can Sidestep A Paid Marketing Meltdown)

When it comes to tracking your paid marketing success, the key tool that every freelance digital marketer leverages is the Facebook Conversion Pixel.

But in a matter of only a few days, the critical tracking data you’ve been profiting from for years will be vanishing before your eyes all thanks to a bold move by Apple and their upcoming new iOS 12 operating system…

For in the aftermath of the recent Facebook privacy issues and Zuckerberg himself getting interrogated before senators in Washington D.C., word around the online marketing campfire is that Apple is taking aggressive action to squash Facebook’s ability to track user data.

So how will you be able to maintain consistent growth with your freelance digital marketing business moving forward without the benefit of your pixel?

Before we dive into some possible solutions, let’s first break down what Apple is pushing into fast action. 

Pixel Termination #1:  Goodbye Mobile (Road Closed)

The first big change that Apple is making regarding their new Safari browser launching in a few days is that your Facebook pixel will no longer be firing on iPads or iPhones.

In a matter of only a few weeks, Facebook pixels will also no longer fire on laptops or desktops either.  Talk about a lovely roadblock to your paid ad profits, am I right?

When it comes to pretty much all Apple products, you will no longer be able to leverage all the juicy data you were collecting from your Facebook ad pixel.  But soon enough, Apple won’t be the only one.

 Pixel Termination #2:  Firefox Could Be The Next “Pixel Purge”

Now the immediate concern when it comes to this “pixel purge” has to do specifically with the new Safari browser and Apple products.

But unfortunately, another heavy hitter when it comes to browsers has been hinting around that Firefox may be following suit soon.  In the very near future, your Facebook conversion pixel could no longer be firing on 2 of the top browsers used by the majority of internet users.

Check out these numbers as of April 2018 regarding browser market shares.  Safari has 9.15% and Firefox holds 10.73% of browser market shares and usage. (Reference:

Between Safari and Firefox, your conversion pixel could be worthless to almost 20% of the marketplace! 

So it seems both Apple and Firefox are doing all they can to stick it to Facebook after their recent privacy issue troubles.  Unfortunately, freelance digital marketers such as yourself who use paid advertising will be getting caught in the crossfire.

Okay, so how can you sidestep the roadblocks and keep on targeting your absolute best prospects?  Here are 3 possible solutions you can start with right now.

Videos, videos and more videos:  

For quite some time, the importance of sharing high-quality content through videos has been recognized as crucial to engaging with your audience. It is through videos (whether live or pre-recorded) that your followers get to see, hear and “feel” who you are as a leader in your market. Video is the most effective medium to accomplish this level of connection.

But with this shocking change regarding the elimination of Facebook pixels, maximizing the data gained from your video videos becomes the new leverage point in your marketing.

You see if someone is watching your videos on Facebook / Instagram, they must be logged into their accounts.  Therefore you’re able to track how long those particular followers are viewing your videos.

Once you determine a certain “viewing time” that you regard as an interested prospect, you’ll then be able to create a brand new custom audience for you to retarget with future ads.

This is why if you’ve not been consistently creating video content for your followers, the time to make the switch is now.

Your email list just got even more important:

As a freelance digital marketer, you’ve heard this online marketing commandment a billion times…

The money is in your email list.

And once more companies begin following the path that Apple is pursuing regarding wiping out conversion pixels, your email list becomes an even more important workaround to targeting your perfect buyers.

The great news is that leveraging your email list with your paid advertising will continue to be the same process as you’ve used in the past.  Simply upload your email list to Facebook and craft your own custom “lookalike” audience based off your existing subscribers.

Now one important factor you need to keep in front of your mind is that you absolutely must have all required permissions from your email subscribers before you upload to Facebook to create your custom or “lookalike” audience.  As always, you’ll want to stay current with all terms and conditions as things can change at any time. (

If you do not have the appropriate subscriber permissions, you could end up setting yourself up for a nasty visit from a GDPR representative, and a possible hefty fine. Or at the very least some harmful reviews that could have an extremely negative impact on your brand and business.

But as long as you follow proper guidelines, you’ll still have access to an amazing resource through creating your own custom lookalike audiences.  

So even though this tip isn’t anything necessarily new, the importance of how you can profit from your email list with this method just increased by 10X at the very least.

In other words, don’t ever stop collecting those emails. The money will always be in your list.

Messaging your market is the future:

Manychat, WhatsApp and Chatfuel.  When it comes to connecting and communicating effectively with your audience, the wave of the future seems to be leaning towards messaging apps.

With every advance in technology, the speed of communication seems to be growing exponentially.  Whether it be automated chatbots or one-on-one live messaging, the chat box is taking over the top spot of communication.

Each passing day, more and more corporations are implementing chat messengers to allow their prospects or customers to interact and even complete important tasks.  Rather than calling in to make their car payment, they can simply do it through a chat message.

So how does this increased emphasis on chat messaging impact you as a freelance digital marketer navigating this upcoming conversion pixel nightmare?

It’s really as simple as offering your audience the opportunity to sign up for your chat messenger the same as if they’d entered their email on your capture page.

Plus the added bonus of attracting prospects to sign up for your chat messenger is that more people respond immediately to a chat or text message on their smartphone in comparison to any other method of communication.

According to a recent study, 73% of people open every single message they receive! 

Imagine having 73% of your target audience consuming your content when you send it out.  How much of difference could that have on your conversions? Plus you’ll be building amazing goodwill with your audience as you’ll be engaging with them the way that suits their needs best.

And of course just like collecting emails (with proper permissions) to create a custom lookalike audience, you could do the same from your list of mobile phone numbers.

In the end, not having your pixels firing on Apple products in the very near future isn’t great news.

But you’re the type of person who thrives on challenges and discovering new ways to expand your business no matter what shows up on the horizon.

Guess what?  

Your next challenge has arrived.

Don’t let the pixels sink your profits.

Go out there and maximize these 3 tips so you can keep yourself well ahead of the curve and continue to crush it as a thriving freelance digital marketer.

Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!


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