Email marketing changed in 2018: Is it too late?

…Yep, it’s weird saying “2018” for us too.

What isn’t weird is just how impactful the last year has been in our industry (both good and arguably bad), with sweeping changes taking place in nearly every sector. From email to social, every point of contact between you and your customer is so much different now than it was this time last year. While we’re excited about it, all that careful planning (if you took our advice) that took place throughout the year prior is ready to be implemented and so today, I wanted to touch on some of the most prolific things you can do today to make the rest of this year work in your favor.

Get more visual.

The days of stripped-down emails consisting of nothing but text and links are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Imagine, just for a moment, that your email inbox will look like your favorite social media timeline. That time is now. Such apps, like Geronimo for iPhone, do many of those things and the race is on to do even more.

Check out this video from them and see what I’m talking about firsthand:

Emails from people that you’ve shown favor to in the past will be highlighted–even pre-segmented according to your aligned behavior. What this means for you, the freelance digital marketer is that you MUST strive to build a meaningful relationship with your list. This goes beyond a catchy headline or compelling offer; you have to weave a quality story told through multimedia that will then act as representative proof that your brand aligns with the user’s intent in opening the email, to begin with.

Control is more than a buzzword.

There are plenty of new emerging bells and whistles but when you boil it all down, Email service providers want to give users of the things they want and less of those they don’t. Control has always been at a premium and in order to keep the users locked in, that’s what they will give them.

– Control over how they interact with emails.
– Control over how personalized their email experience is.
– Control over future features through direct response initiatives.
– Control over the quality of emails received via a paid model.

That said, 2018 is the cusp of the power of the email being squarely placed in your reader’s hands. The obvious question is “what should you do about it”? The answer’s not so obvious, but here are a few key opportunities to supercharge your email marketing efforts:

 Do away with the old concept of funnels.

Consumer behavior has radically evolved due to the integration of social and the individualization of the top-of-mind experience. What does that mean in laymen’s terms? Well, as I’ve said before, leads can come in from any point at any time without any contact from you whatsoever. Instead of trying to put a customer experience on rails, now is the time to, no matter at what point they become leads, own their entire journey from front to back by strengthening your branding messages consistently regardless of where in the funnel they decide to enter.

Review your autoresponder tactics and become hyper-involved.

You cannot set up a batch of emails and then walk away. There is more opportunity than ever before to smartly take the information gained from each email’s performance, tweak your approach and try again. More than anything, this change means a more closely watched form of automation. How does segment A perform with this variable changed versus segment B? At what point in the series do the clickthroughs stall? These are questions you can’t answer if you simply set it and forget it.

1:1 marketing is BIG right now.

Finally, services like Spotify and Netflix, Amazon and Google have spoiled customers to the point now they EXPECT to be individually catered to. In 2018, you should be following suit. Sending mass emails with little to no segmentation means being left in the dust. I’m not talking about purely demographical either. Find out more about your customer persona psychographically and actually use that data to better their experience in unquestionably unique ways. 1:1 marketing isn’t a new concept (there were inroads to it as far back as the ’90s), but it is one that has quickly become a go-to for many savvy marketers due to the uptick in the reliability of the tactic and the advancement of the platforms.

This subject is only going to expand more as new developments come down the pipeline. This is just the tip of the spear, so stay locked in and we’ll be giving you more opportunities to grow your email following like never before.

Question(s) of the day: What email marketing techniques are you using in 2018 to 10X your ROI? Let us know in the comments below.

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