Email Copywriting Success: Don’t Write Another Email Until You Ask Yourself These 4 Crucial Questions

When it comes to your email copywriting success, you face your enemy each day.  There you sit… staring it squarely in its digital face. It could be your laptop, tablet or desktop computer.  But that blank white screen is mocking you as you get ready to write your next email.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had a quick 4 step formula you could walk yourself through each time you need to write a high performing email?

Then today is your day… keep reading to ramp up the results with your email copywriting skillz.

#1:  It’s All About Their NOW

How many emails do you get each day?  More than one or two am I right? Well your subscriber is being bombarded with emails (including yours) on a daily basis.  So if your email is floating inside of that ocean of an inbox, why does your reader need to open it?

Because what you have is going to impact them NOW.

Look we’re all overloaded with too many things to do and there’s never enough time in a day to get it done.  Heck we could have 40 hour days and we’d still be running behind.

So when you’re firing up your fingers to craft a fresh batch of email copywriting, you’d better make sure of one thing.  Will what you tell them about inside your message benefit their lives this very second?

Not tomorrow, not next week and not even an hour after they read it.  Your readers time is as precious as diamonds and gold mixed with stacks of greenbacks.  So if your message won’t enhance their life immediately after reading it… you’d better rewrite it.

Some quick examples could be things as simple as flash sale announcements, a deadline for your new product launch or any other offers that are based around urgency.

But another way you can think of it is how might the insights, story or special marketing hacks you share create a massive shift in their life or business?  Maybe if they don’t open and read your email ASAP, they’ll never know how to triple the ROI of their Facebook ads.

The first key to high converting email copywriting is to always remember that NOW is the only time that matters for your reader.

#2:  Talk To Them, Not At Them

I like to call this the “coffee shop convo trick.”  As you sit down in front of your laptop to write that email, visualize yourself sitting down at your favorite coffee shop.  Hear the other people chatting in the chairs nearby, as you and your reader settle into a comfy spot in the far corner.  

Taste that glorious rush of caffeine as you take that first sip. And feel yourself connecting with your new friend as you chat, listening to their challenges and exchanging your best value with them.

That’s a high quality, enjoyable conversation.  And that’s how anyone should feel when they read your email copywriting.  

They should feel your words respecting their existing frustrations, providing support for them through struggles and most importantly sharing a solution to their most pressing problem.

If your email copywriting is simply you barking about your latest “special deal” or telling them something they need to learn like a stuffy professor… you’ll lose them quick.

Instead, give your reader a hot mocha latte and sit down for a true chat.  Treat them as a friend and you’ll begin attracting customers for life.

#3:  Show Them “The Portal”

Most of us at some point or another feel lost.  It’s like we’re trapped inside a windowless, pitch black box of confusion.  We know we want to create more success in our lives, but we’re walking blind with nowhere to go.

This is where you show them “The Portal.”

I remember hearing this high level email copywriting strategy from one of my top mentors.  Essentially he said that our job is to take someone from where they are now and show them who they can be.  And the gateway to that “ultimate self” was through the portal.

What’s the portal you ask?  The portal is your product, your service or your coaching program.  When someone passes through using your valuable knowledge, it takes them to the other side.

Before they meet you by reading your latest email, they have no idea there’s a way out for them.  It is through your email copywriting where you can take them on their journey of transformation.

You’re able to unveil their future self before they even take their next best step forward.  And if you’ve crafted your message well, their next best step will be by investing in themselves with your product.

People are lost in the darkness… let your portal lead them to the light.

#4:  Help Them Believe

The final question you’ll want to ask yourself as you put your email copywriting skills to work has to do with belief.  Not yours… theirs.

Especially for those people who are just beginning to step out and attempt to redesign their lives… to create their dreams.  That person, your reader, has drawn their line in the sand and doesn’t want to back down again.

But then the world, the day to day grind and a barrage of negativity smashes them to their knees.  Their faith in themselves seems to be quickly fading away. This is where the power of your email copywriting can inject them with a surge of unshakeable belief.

How?  By sharing empowering stories of your previous clients who’ve created massive change in their own lives.  You can share inspiring (and proven) case studies of your mentor’s who rocked it out.

Pass along tales of the most unlikely heroes who overcame virtually insurmountable odds.  Your one job is to guide your reader to that place deep in their heart and mind where they know they are unstoppable.

Your email copywriting can awaken a strength in them they may have long forgotten.  Your message could strike the match that inspires their fire and turns it into a raging inferno of self-belief.  

When you answer these 4 key questions before you write any of your emails, your readers will know, like and trust you like no other.  Write that next email that changes their entire world and they’ll be your customer for a lifetime.


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!

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