Effective Empathy Marketing: Beyond The Stats

You know I wasn’t actually gonna call this blog post “Effective Empathy Marketing: Beyond The Stats.”  Instead I was going to call it “Of Math And Mushy.” (A little riff off “Of Mice And Men.” <img draggable= But then I realized that might not work too great for my SEO <img draggable=)

All shenanigans aside though, this topic is vital if you’re truly going to succeed for the long term with your own freelance digital marketing business.  But why?


Because the majority of online marketers (you might be one of them) are quick to get all fired up about your statistics.  You know… all those stats that you pour over every day and the ones that even keep you up at night.


Sitting there at 3 a.m. as “stress sweat” pours out of you.

Opt ins… click through rates… conversion percentage. <img draggable=

And of course the mother load of all stats… SALES. <img draggable=

But there’s a danger in getting all swept away in the tsunami of crunching your numbers until you’re drowning in data.  So what’s the danger?

You can very quickly forget the most important part of all your tracking statistics.  Because behind all those digits are actual people. 

Moms and dads… Uncles and aunts.

Fresh college graduates ready to take on the world… and retirees seeking a way to spoil their grand kids.

Real human beings with goals and dreams.

Real human beings with feelings.


Effective empathy marketing is the way you’re able to link human nature with data and stat analysis.  Behind every stat you track in your marketing efforts, there’s a person there waiting to feel as if you “get them.”  That you understand their challenges. That you understand their need to thrive… not just survive.

They need to know and FEEL that on some level… You are just like them.  So how do you do it?  Check out these 3 pro tips.

Tell A “Tough” Story 

One of the fastest ways for you to deeply connect with your audience is reveal one of your own “tough tales.” Maybe you share how you went into debt in order to invest in your first entrepreneur opportunity and how it took you months to pay it off.  Sharing how you felt depressed, lost and doubting if anything would ever pay off at all for you.  I feel that this principle lies at the heart of highly effective empathy marketing.

By embracing your vulnerability and revealing one of your own tough stories, your audience can immediately connect a piece of their own story to your own.  With one simple story, your follower develops an instant connection with you as someone who’s been “in the trenches” just like they are now.

Say The Thing Out Loud That They Don’t Dare Speak

If you’ve done your homework as a freelance digital marketer, you know the deep, dark pains and secrets that your audience holds onto inside their hearts and minds.  But for most of them, they never dare speak what’s on their mind to the world.


Maybe your target market is absolutely sick and tired of all the “hype fest, Insta-lifestyle, supermodel” type social media advertising.  And if you feel the same, you write an email to your list or shoot a LIVE video on your Facebook page about it.  By doing so, you give voice to one of their hidden pain points… without them ever having to say a word of their own and risk backlash.

When you do… you give them the courage to speak up themselves.  And when you become the person who is willing to “take one for the team”… you automatically become the leader they wish to follow.  

Show Them You Did It… So They Can Too

This is somewhat of a variation on the 1st pro tip above, but with a twist.  Since you already know the current challenges and struggles your audience is facing, you have access to a powerful piece of leverage.

You simply choose one of their most common challenges… 

Share that you had to stare down the same thing in the past…

And then discovered the way to conquer it and achieve a gigantic win.


This strategy allows you to inject a massive burst of trust between you and your audience.  You are revealing that you were just like them but found the proven way to the other side.  It’s as if they are stranded in the middle of the Amazon jungle… and you’re Indiana Jones hacking the way out with your marketing machete.

When your audience is able to tap into this level of “connected belief” then they will follow you to hell and back.  When you leverage effective empathy marketing to communicate a deeply connecting message… then you create a legacy client. One that will invest in your products and services time and time again without fail.

But in order for you to develop these lifetime customers it doesn’t just take the facts and stats… It takes the feelings too. 

Now you’ve gotta ask yourself the question.

Will you dedicate to giving them both?

Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!

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