The world is going internet crazy. Everything we do has been making its way online, from the way we shop to how we live our lives, impacting numerous industries along the way.  Many longtime staples, from Blockbuster to Borders books, have gone extinct and now brick-and-mortar stores are starting to suffer the same fate.

But it’s not just shopping.  The Internet is also changing the way we work. Right now, more people than ever are quitting their 9-to-5 jobs to get into freelance marketing. That’s because it’s easier than ever to work from home with nothing more than an Internet connection, a headset, and a dream of one day being your own boss.

Setting up the business is the easy part. On the internet, can create a business out of nothing with zero skills. In a few hours, you can have a website, several social media profiles, and set up an email marketing campaign. But then what?

Marketing is the hard part. While it’s not difficult to set up the business, you have to get out there and connect with your audience. You must know how to talk to them and build a relationship with them. Your email marketing campaign is not going to go anywhere unless you know how to write subject lines that improve your click rate.

Do you know how to set up Facebook ads?  What each of the components mean so you can create highly targeted ads?  This all takes specialized knowledge and a lot of freelance marketers will flounder for a year or two while they struggle to figuring it all out on their own.

That’s why people who want to get into freelance marketing should invest in coaching programs like AWOL Academy.  They have a variety of specialized programs designed to help new and experienced marketers alike learn the ropes, so they can get on their feet faster than by trying to figure it all out on their own.

Even the top freelance market experts have spent their time in online business purgatory, struggling to pay their bills while trying to discover the right formula that will allow their business to take off.

But the Internet keeps changing and evolving. That’s why AWOL Academy is beneficial for those who are looking for a fast start. Their team of marketing experts will teach you how to connect with your audience in new ways by using the most up-to-date strategies and techniques that will leave you head and shoulders above your competition.

It’s all about having a solid foundation of knowledge to build your business on, rather than guessing at what you should be doing and throwing away thousands of dollars in the process.

If you’d like to know more about AWOL Academy and freelance marketing, follow this link to download a free PDF on becoming a Digital Freelance Marketer: 

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