There are so many businesses right now who are throwing away sales because they don’t know how to convert a prospect.  Having a plan and system in place that does the converting is potentially the most important spark your needs.  Not having it can be fatal to your growth.  If you’re looking to get into digital marketing, you should have this information established first.

While the system you can create will differ depending on your company and what you offer, the basics are the same.  The process begins well before you go in search of prospects.  You need a solid, organized foundation before you even attempt to sell.  Everything you do, from messaging to having a follow-up system must be ready to go.

Data collection is the key.  You can never have enough information about your leads.  Take the time to learn about them over time.  Your social media accounts allow you to open polls, ask questions, and get all the necessary goodies you need to hone your advertising to their specific needs.  The actual follow-up can be anything from a handwritten letter, phone call, or email marketing.  

Digital marketing can be difficult to learn on your own.  Many new marketers spend months, even years, trying to learn the basics to digital marketing.  A lot of these business ventures fail because they didn’t have a solid plan or knowledge of how to use the right strategies the top guys have been using for years to market their business.

That’s where AWOL Academy can help.  It’s a teaching program designed to help new entrepreneurs learn everything they need to know about digital marketing.  Do you want to run an efficient email campaign?  Do you want to know how to write impact ads that target the right audience?  Do you desire higher traffic and conversions?

AWOL Academy offers comprehensive teaching courses that will show you how to do it all.  Every detail you need to know, every strategy you want to learn, and every possible way to turn your business into a money-making machine is covered by their team of marketing experts.

By taking the time to learn about digital marketing and becoming proficient in the inner workings of it, you give yourself a much higher chance of survival than the many business guys who try to start and have no clue what they’re doing.  You’ll be able to properly invest your time, money, and energy on strategies you know DO work and have a faster start.

For more information about AWOL Academy and how to improve your digital marketing footprint, please click here to download a FREE PDF “Digital Freelance Marketer” here:


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