Elite Summit Day 3 Recap:
Finishing Strong

Branding Breakthroughs, Sales Funnel Success and Tax Hacks Too.

9 Minute Read By Jason “J-Boom” Legaard

As Day 3 of the recent Elite Summit kicked off, attendees were still reeling from the tidal wave of insights and a-ha moments gained over the first two jam packed days.

Now most live events tend to wind down on the final day and kind of just cruise to the end.  Elite Summit is not one of those events.  Day 3 finished strong with yet another impressive lineup of speakers and over the top value… starting off with a triumphant return to the stage with Bailey Proulx.

Bailey Proulx: Creating “Urgent” Profits

Bailey unveiled his latest “mad marketing scientist” creation with the concept of an urgency funnel.

Attendees jaws were hitting the floor left and right as Bailey revealed simple yet extremely powerful strategies that can increase conversions at a massive rate.

Things like:

  • Training your audience to “click for value”
  • How to make clicking your links seem easy and natural
  • And how to make your audience understand you’re the leader that gave them extreme value

Plus Bailey reminded attendees to stop making things harder on themselves and instead rely on systems and tracking.

“Let the data tell you exactly what needs to be changed.”

By the end of Bailey’s Q and A session, the crowd was chomping at the bit to implement their brand new funnel building skills and ramp up their profits.

Ray Kakuda: Riches In Niches

Next up, Ray “The Godfather” Kakuda took over the Elite Summit stage… absolutely thrilled to share his MRR formula for generating consistent monthly revenue.

Right off the bat, Ray had the audience hooked with his concept of “Riches in Niches” and how leveraging monthly membership sites can crack open access to virtually limitless opportunity.

Ray was able to share how anyone in the world could apply his formula to any hobby, interest or passion of their choosing and swiftly turn it into a cash flow machine.

Being able to start off with only a measly 100 members of their own membership site, audience members could see the extreme potential for profits.

The biggest takeaway attendees received from Ray Kakuda was the fact that they only needed to find “rabid enthusiasts and followers of content.”  Even just a tiny portion of a huge audience could lead to life-altering income.

Attending a live event provides you a much needed jolt that allows you to break free from your routine, and be “re-awakened” to every limitless possibility.

Mark Kohler: Laughs and Taxes

Now once you heard the word “tax” you might’ve already begun to nod off as you read these words.  I’m here to tell you that would be a monumental mistake.

Within just one single hour on stage, Mark Kohler provided some of the most high level “info-tainment” I’ve ever witnessed.  To see someone take a topic like tax strategies and turn it into a perfect balance of deep dive tactics while cracking up the audience like a veteran stand up comic was mind blowing.

Just a few of the highlights were:

  • Learning how to convert personal expenses into business expenses (and save hundreds, even thousands a year)
  • Why LLC’s aren’t the “holy grail” for entrepreneurs
  • And the savings secrets behind shifting your AGI (adjusted gross income) “above the line.”

Mark Kohler had the attendees both laughing out loud and gasping at the tax advantages they’d long overlooked in their own business.  Only at an event like Elite Summit will you be overjoyed about tax education.

Jennifer Kem: 

Standing Out With Your Brand

Crushing the stage next was Jennifer Kem, the brash and bold branding master behind such success stories as Lisa Nichols and Steve Harvey.

Jennifer wasted zero time as she began breaking down the supreme importance your brand has on your bottom line as an entrepreneur.  For it is your branding that controls the perception of you in the marketplace.

Jennifer inspired the audience to fuel up their sales funnel with the power of their brand personality.  Instead of just building out a sales funnel like everyone else, let your unique style shine.

Once you do, soon enough you’ll “get paid to be yourself.”

She also reminded the Elite Summit attendees that their brands transfer confidence to their customers.  And of course if your customer is feeling more confident, they’ll invest more in you to maintain that feeling for themselves.

Jennifer completely over-delivered with the end of her presentation by breaking down the 12 brand archetypes step by step.  Leaving the audience with an exact blueprint to launch their own high impact brand that would allow them to become legendary for being themselves.

Patrick Moreau:

Storytelling Your Way To Success

The attendees only had a short time to catch their breath as the Day 3 value overload continued on with 5-time Emmy Award Winner Patrick Moreau.

The audience was in for a real treat as Patrick shared his masterful insights regarding the emotional (and profitable) payoffs of crafting epic stories within your business.

“The story you tell is far more important than the product you sell.”

A remarkable story can take you anywhere.”

And one of the greatest effects that your story can have on your potential customer is providing them “transportation.”  Creating a story within your marketing that transports them far away from all of their worries, B.S. and lack of belief.

Patrick emphasized again and again that it is our emotions that drive our behaviors.  So your #1 goal with your own marketing storytelling is to make absolutely certain that your audience feeeeeeeels something.

Without guiding them to tap into their core emotions, your customer can stay frozen in their logic which can prevent them from taking action.

And with no action, there can be no change in their own story.

It is your job as a leader, a storyteller, to provide your customer the chance to experience the emotions and feelings of victory even before they purchase your product and service.

Let them feel the win in advance and show them that their story holds all the power to change their lifestyle.

Landon Stewart & Chris Stapleton: 

Mastering Communication & Crafting Unstoppable Culture

Wrapping up the final segment of Elite Summit was a mind altering presentation on “executive communication” put on by the dynamic duo of Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton.

Landon and Chris had the audience riveted as they quickly broke down the key elements to communicating in a way that saves you both time AND money as well as cultivates an unstoppable culture.

Your own customer culture that absolutely falls in love with your message and every single piece of content you produce.

They were able to break down how relieving your customer’s “creative burden” frees them to easily follow directions and create faster wins.

Landon and Chris also shared how assuming people know nothing and actually over-communicating allows your communication to stand out from the crowd and allow your client or team member feel they are in complete control of their next steps.

The one executive communication tip that blew the Elite Summit crowd away was something so simple and yet so profound.  And it all comes down to a straightforward perspective.

“What You Shine A Light On Tends To Grow.”

Through your mastery of executive communication, you’re able to continuously keep focus on what’s positive in your business while ignoring what attempts to bring it down.

After soaking in the knowledge from Landon and Chris, every Elite Summit attendee knew just how to shine their light on the seeds that grow success and allow any weeds to their wealth vanish.

Without a doubt, the recent Elite Summit was an event that delivered a knockout punch to the status quo when it comes to online marketing masterminds.

The standard of excellence that was continuously delivered over all 3 days left every attendee in a state of shock and awe.

Everyone in attendance knew that by attending this one event, they had stepped forward into the next phase of their journey to ultimate success.

They knew they had the keys necessary to unlock doors of limitless opportunity in all areas of their business… and life.

They had taken their next step.

The bigger question now is… will you?

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