What's Your Why? How To Discover The Freedom That You Deserve

Question: why do you want to become a highly successful, freelance digital marketer?  Freedom right?

But have you really dug deep and thought about what that truly means for you?  Or do you just throw that “freedom” word around like some worn out cliché? If the supreme power behind that word has started to fade in your life, I challenge you to reconnect with it today.  But how?

Let me share with you a few very personal examples from my own life to help stir up your own stories.  I hope they re-ignite your own inner desire and commitment to what matters most for you.

To Honor My Parents:

Now I know this might sound kind of heavy, but hang with me here. When I speak of honoring my parents, it comes down to two ways.

#1:  Doing all I can to pursue a life of my own design where every day I live doing exactly what I want. For I know all too well the decades of hard work my parents put in in order to provide me the best of opportunities.

And over those years, I know many times they passed up things they wished to do… for things they had to do. Which takes me to #2…

Helping to provide my Mama and Papa Legaard, as they’re affectionately known by my social media followers 🙂 with the chances they passed up. 

You see I come from a midwest, North Dakota raised, blue-collar work ethic. Which was passed down to me by my parents. Both of them busted their butts every year to provide for our family. But along the way I know there were things they chose to pass up for themselves.

And I also know they endured mountains of stress when it came to the topic of money. A lot of lean years as wheat farmers, hoping and praying for a bumper crop. Granted we weren’t poor by any means, but it wasn’t a cake walk either if you catch my drift?

So when I’m able to succeed financially, I feel as if I’m able to give them both a second chance at fun, freedom, and carefree adventures. No matter what the cost, I can’t wait to bless them with those gifts.

To Inspire Belief:

Back during my years of grinding it out at a variety of soul-sucking, mind-numbing jobs, I met a ton of amazing people.  Creative, hard working, deserving of so much happiness.

But as I was diving head-first into books like Science of Getting Rich, jamming out to mindset CDs rather than Metallica, I noticed that 99.9% of my co-workers were missing something… Belief.

In their minds, they’d been programmed for years that all they had right now was all they’d have in the future. The dreaded belief of “just enough to get by.” <img class=

So every day that I’m able to master a new skill set of marketing, every high ticket client I sign up, every time I take the stage in front of hundreds of people, I think of them.

Because they have always deserved to be free, just like you and me.

To Embrace A Second Chance:

I can’t believe I’m going to share with you this last example, but something inside tells me that I have to do it.  I have to because it might be the exact story that shocks you out of your “success slumber.”

You see way back when I was a little kid of 3 years old, I was in a car accident. (I don’t have time to go into all the details here… maybe another time.)

I broke both my legs, hips, had a pin in my left arm and cracked my skull.  Oh yeah… and I was also dead.

That’s right.

On the side of that road, the first police officer on scene had to give me CPR so that I at least had a shot of getting to the hospital. That day I was given the gift of freedom.

Freedom to live another day… to get a second chance to create memories.





So when you think of your “why,” ask yourself the question.  What does freedom feel like to you?  Once you know the answer, go out and there create it.

With no apologies. With no fear. With no holding back. The world is waiting for you, my friend.

Now show them WHO YOU ARE!

Because you… are… FREE.

Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!

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