How To Create High Converting Capture Pages (Stop Overthinking It)

Have you ever been sitting in front of your laptop, logged into your page builder software all ready to create your high converting capture page and then nothing. Your fingers freeze and your brain seems to shut down.

What if I could show you 7 lighting fast tips that will have you cranking out a high converting capture page for your list building whenever you want?

Grab yourself a pen and paper my friend because I’m about to give you the goodies.

#1:  Get Specific: What Exactly Does Someone Need From You?

Before you even take the first step in crafting your high converting capture page, you must answer that core question above.  The next 6 high impact tips mean absolutely nothing if you don’t get this first one right.  You’ve got to hit the bullseye.

This is where any previous market research or digging in and crafting your “perfect avatar” is so crucial.  You should feel as if you know all of the deepest secrets, dreams, and goals of your target audience.

That way you can pinpoint an extremely specific problem / challenge your audience has that you can provide a solution to when they enter their details into your capture page.

The more specific your solution, the higher your conversion rates.

#2:  Don’t Be Clever, Be Clear: Make It A No-Brainer

First off I must make a confession to you… I really enjoy coming up with clever and catchy copywriting.  Being creative and adding personality with my wordplay has always been kinda my thang you know? (Dang it… just happened again)

But when it comes to increasing the conversion rate of your capture pages, your copy has only one job… BE CLEAR.  That is all.  The words that you write as your headline, sub-headline and text on your capture page has only one job to do.  And that is to get your reader to opt in.

Your capture page isn’t there to educate them…

Your capture page isn’t there to entertain them…

Your capture page is only meant to compel them to take the next action step and enter in their name and email.

So when you write your capture page copy, simply follow this 3 step formula and watch your conversions skyrocket.  Tell them how they can accomplish X without having to suffer through Y and they can receive the answer when they do Z which is entering their email below.

Nothing fancy, nothing clever, nothing complicated.  Benefit, Avoid Pain, Get their Answer.

Be clear and your subscribers will love you for it.

#3:  Tell Them Exactly What To Do… Confusion Never Converts

Now tip #3 I somewhat referenced above when it came to telling your reader where to get the answer to their immediate problem.  And that is when they opt-in through your capture page.

But there’s a very particular way you want to share those instructions on how to opt in your page.  It has to do with a concept called “executive communication” that I first learned about from the late great Mark Hoverson (and also reminded of it through Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton’s Elite Summit speech… see pic).

Executive communication means that your reader will know exactly how to opt-in to your capture page without any questions at all.  Your instructions will be so clear that it will be impossible for them not to opt-in to your capture page.

Here’s a quick example:  To Have Your “7 Steps To Creating Your First Facebook Ad Checklist” Sent To Your Email Inbox Immediately, Enter Your First Name And Best Email In The Orange Box Below And Then Tap The Blue Button.

Seems almost ridiculous how over-the-top precise those instructions were right?  But ask yourself this… is there any way your reader won’t be able to opt-in after reading that?

Always remember… tell them exactly what to do.

#4:  Your Capture Page Layout: Less Is Always More

Now this one might seem a bit backward but go with me here.  

I know when you login to your capture page builder software you have an endless line of multi-colorful themes, doohickeys and doodads you can add to your page… I ask you to stop.

Don’t be fancy.  Be simple and direct.

As I’ve been sharing through these previous tips, your high converting capture page does its job when it’s clear to your reader what they need to do in order to opt-in and receive your value.

And the more unicorn page themes, fireworks emojis or animated arrows pointing three different directions you add to your page… the faster your conversions will plummet into the abyss of lost opportunity.

So as you create the layout of your capture page, keep your focus on “less is always more.”  Instead of 3 different colors, use two. Instead of 4 different fonts, choose one. Let your page be simple and direct.

For every extra layer you add to your layout prevents the one thing you need your capture page to accomplish… to gain a subscriber.

#5:  Pictures and Profits: One Doesn’t Always Lead To The Other

Now this tip can be a bit tricky as sometimes the right picture can make a huge difference on your capture page.  But again, what you probably already think is the best type of pictures to use may only distract your audience. And what have we been talking about this whole time so far?

Keep things clear and simple.

So if you are going to add an image of some sort to the background of your capture page, don’t overdo it.  If you are using an image you want it to enhance the energy or feeling your capture page provides the reader but not distract them from taking action.

Some of the most popular images that work well are quite common.

Beach shot with a single chair…

Sunsets or other inspiring nature images…

Or someone expressing happiness (your reader wants to feel that same way once they opt in to your page). And if you’re building your own brand, feel free to use a great shot of yourself looking full of energy and gratitude.

Even an image of a highway can work wonders (the image of a highway subconsciously makes the reader feel they are taking a new path to change their life).

Overall when it comes to the images you use on your capture pages, don’t worry about re-inventing the wheel.

#6: Colors That Convert: Orange, Green, Blue… which is it?

Ahh the great debate over which colors convert the best on your capture pages… especially the color of your CTA buttons.  But how important is it?

Well from what I’ve seen across the marketplace, it’s definitely important and yet it’s not everything either.  It’s somewhere in the middle I’d say.

For the past few years, all the rage was when multiple conversion publications proclaimed that BOB was the answer… Big Orange Button.

And when you research a variety of studies, orange or reddish buttons did seem to have a significant jump in conversions.  But how much did all the other factors of a capture page come into play at the same time?

You could have two different versions of your capture page, one with a blue button and one with the BOB.  But your blue button page had absolutely riveting copy and your Big Orange Button page had some wishy-washy copy with a lazy call to action.

Do you really think that just because the one page had the orange button that would cause a reader to opt in even though the copywriting was an absolute dumpster fire of mediocrity?

You already know the answer.  So yes your color choices when it comes to your CTA button will have an impact on your conversions.  But the only way to truly know if orange beats blue is to consistently apply the final tip below.

#7:  Test, Test And Oh Yeah… Test Again.

When it comes to creating your high converting capture page, no matter what, you must test how it performs out in the real world.  You could spend days, even a week or two, torturing yourself as you attempt to create your capture page masterpiece.  But until you hit publish and make that page live for all to see… none of it matters.

It’s only through having people view your first capture page that you’ll be able to collect the feedback and data from your audience.  And through this data, you’ll be able to make your first adjustment. The only way to do that is create your first A/B split test.

Your original version of your capture page will be A.  You then make only one simple change to that original version.  It could be a green Call To Action button rather than your original orange.  Once you’ve made that one single change (again just one!) you’ll have your version B.

You then hit publish on both, let them go live and kick back and wait for your results.  After a certain amount of time… check your stats.

Pick your winner.

Your winner becomes your new A version.  

Then you create a new B version.

And then you test again.  And again. And again. With every test, you gain more data and with that data you fine tune your capture page even more.

Is it possible for you to create the perfect high converting capture page?

The only way to find out is to apply these 7 tips to your own page.

And the best time to do that… is now.


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!

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