NEW Broadcast Emails To Increase Mailing List Conversions

Emailing subscribers with new and interesting broadcast emails are essential to keeping them engaged (especially if you want them to respond to your call to action). Coming up with new ideas can be tough, especially when you focus on broadcasts over autoresponder emails.

In previous posts, we’ve examined boosting list engagement, mastering the subject line and how email marketing has changed in 2018.  In this article, we’ll cover 5 new types of email you can implement today for greater gain.

The “Update” Email

This is one of the staples in broadcast emails and should be a no-brainer. While receiving steady information via autoresponder, every so often you should send a broadcast out giving updates how things are going with your offer, yourself or something timely that the reader should be in the know about.

When you send broadcasts that tie in a topic that your reader cares about, it makes it that much easier to keep communication going. Ask for feedback either in your social media group or directly to the email; it’ll give you a ‘heat check’ by the user’s responsiveness.

The “5 Minute Action” Email

How many broadcast emails have you received where you’ve been slowly rocked to sleep by the 2,000+ long diatribes? Too many, I’d bet, and this is why this particular autoresponder email type is so powerful. It’s quick, memorable (if done right) and a good way to make an imprint. I’m a big fan of these as it allows you to embed actions that are appreciated due to the quickness in which they can be completed.

This is also good because it sets up the reader behavior to look forward to receiving communications from you because, unlike others in their feed, your emails may contain insights, tips or tricks that require very little to get started with; thus making the experience with you enjoyable.

The “Question & Response” Email

There are few things that garner more of a response than question-focused broadcast emails and savvy freelance digital marketers know it. Look back at emails you’ve received in the past and I guarantee that within either in the pre-CTA, sub-headline or even the header itself you’ll likely find one question.

How the question and response email differs from asking questions in the update email type is here, the entire purpose of the communication is pre-framing the question with content and then purposely asking the reader for input. Polls, incentivized form fills and giveaways work great when used in this format.

The “Resource List” Email

Going along in the same vein as the 5-minute action are the resource-based broadcast emails, where you can use the space to provide books, sites or other items that your readers will find helpful. This works doubly well if you use the items yourself (not to mention the possibility of affiliate sales).

If you have a blog you create content for, this is the email best used to show off your work, especially if you adhere to the numbered list format, it makes for irresistible click incentive and can further potential patrons even further into your funnel. Even if you don’t, giving value outside of the norm will set your list experience apart from everyone else’s.

The “Social Proof” Email

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you see social proof every single day. It’s a proven method of gaining trust, and this technique has been ingrained into our collective psyche in a way that it never goes out of style. In many cases, social proof takes the form of an authoritative figure like celebrities, doctors or political activists with huge followings saying something is good or works but that’s not the only way. In fact, recommendations from everyday people like you and me work just fine, that’s why reviews have become so prevalent in online shopping—if we can find trust in other’s experiences that mimic our own, it makes it easier to purchase.

Your email list should be no different and in this particular type of email, sprinkle in the words (or videos if you have them) of people who previously tried your offer and watch conversions rise.

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Just as important as setting up your autoresponder series is to keep regular broadcast updates. In this article, we discussed some of the absolute best ways to keep your list engaged, energized and progressive.

Question(s) of the day: Which is your favorite from the list above? Which has shown you the greatest results? Let us know in the comments below!

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