Best Marketing Strategy 2019: Do Less, Get More, Repeat.

So as a brand new year approaches, every aspiring and veteran online entrepreneur will be looking for the best marketing strategy to ramp up their biz in 2019.  But what if that best marketing strategy had nothing to with adding something new? What if it meant doing less to get more? Keep reading and you might be shocked.

Quickest Path To Profit

rocket ship launchingA few years ago, a great friend and mentor of mine shared that simple, straightforward concept when it came to the goal of your marketing.  No matter what, the end goal is always the same… what is the quickest path to profit?

When he first brought it up to me, I remember responding with something super intelligent like, “Well duh!”  But even though it seemed like such common sense, the more I realized that it’s quite easy to take a much more complicated route.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest best marketing strategy spouted off by the next hot guru or Instagram influencer.  And all of a sudden, your focus is splintered in a million directions. You’re doing all kinds of great things with your marketing, but are they all performing at a profit?

What if you did less and got way more back just by keeping it simple?  Sounds crazy I know… but let’s run with this idea just for a few more minutes shall we?


No I’m not referring to the legendary rock band (I mean c’mon… Rock n Roll All Nite and Beth… classics).  I am talking about the classic success principle which means Keep It Simple Stupid. And simple is where it’s at my marketing friend.

Now I know keeping things simple might go against everything your gut is telling you in this current age of multiple social media channels, live videos and on and on it goes.  But I’d like you to at least consider how embracing the K.I.S.S. might create a whole new love affair with your marketing.

Let’s say you currently are trying to manage a Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channel and of course you’re laptop on desk ocean viewbuilding your email list (whew I’m tired just writing all of that).  Now let’s say you take a step back and check your tracking stats and discover that your target market is primarily on Facebook in your group.

So instead of wearing yourself completely thin by trying to provide highly relevant info-tainment and encourage engagement on all those platforms, you back off and put 80 to 90% of your focus on your Facebook group.

And the content you share on your other platforms is mainly used as a means to guide those followers to join your group on Facebook to get all the real goodies.  It’s kind of like your other channels are your previews for your Facebook group main attraction.

Are you starting to imagine how much less work you’d have to do with your marketing?  Can you already feel the increase in your focus having to only really worry about one dedicated main channel of distribution?  I sure hope so.

Back To Basics

Okay so now that you’ve already streamlined your efforts in creating a best marketing strategy, now it comes down to going back to the basics of business growth.  AKA profit.

So here’s a quick example I got from that same mentor I mentioned above.  So inside your Facebook group, you set yourself up on a monthly calendar that could go something like the following.

Week 1 you share pure valuable content… no offers.  You’re simply creating great content, training etc. and engaging with your audience.

Week 2 you promote a webinar for later in the week.  So any posts you make leading up to it are bite sized appetizers of what they’ll learn on your upcoming webinar.  And on that webinar, you of course would pitch an offer for your product or services.

woman holding like a boss coffee mugAnd of course as a result of that webinar, you’ll gain some new buyers which you’ll add to your buyers email list for follow ups in the future.  Plus anyone who didn’t buy will be on a prospect email list that you can send out a replay to etc.

Week 3 and you’re back to pure value again… serving your audience.  And when Week 4 rolls around… you guessed it… you promote another webinar or other opportunity to train your audience and present an offer.

Rinse and repeat… again and again.  And suddenly you’re on your quickest path to profit.

Now for some of you, this simplicity might really shake you up and I totally get it.  Every guru on the planet is telling you’ve gotta be everywhere with your business 24/7 and 365.  And does that work… you bet.

But what if your best marketing strategy made your life simpler, easier and more profitable all at once?  Seems like that might be a pretty sweet deal in 2019.

Here’s to you getting more with less in the New Year… BOOM!


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!


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