3 Essential Emails For Your Autoresponder Series

Your autoresponder series is the tool you use to help subscribers receive so much value that they can’t help but purchase your offer. In this post, we’ll go through the types of emails to include to maximize your efforts.

There’s something to be said about the state of emails in 2018. Some say emails aren’t as effective while others swear by the return they see. Regardless of what the talking heads say, emails are here for a while longer and if you are new to the concept of autoresponder series, don’t fret. We’ll go through some of the highest-converting email types you can begin using immediately.

Autoresponder Series: The “Grand Opening” Email

“This is the first email that goes out whenever someone inputs their email address and it should happen within minutes of them signing up. Many novice freelance digital marketers try to showcase everything they’ve got in this one email. That’s a huge mistake! All that does is overwhelm the reader and statistically, the first email sent is the one reported highest in unsubscribes.

Instead, opt for simplifying the message, do away with all of the fancy designs, call to actions and gotchas and just give them exactly what they signed up for. If your converting copy mentioned a free PDF, include a link to download. If it’s the first installment of an email course, give a short thank you, a description and clear the way for the all-important link. Your whole purpose here is to get things in motion and create the right frame of mind as to confirm that your reader is in the right place.

Try including a link to your paid offer in the P.S. with a discount attached to it; our busy lives mean most of us scan emails and a good deal catches the eye more than most anything else.

Autoresponder Series: The “Cherry Pie” Email

Think about the last time you moved into a new area. Your neighbors probably came over to say hello and some might bring housewarming gifts like the aforementioned treat. This email works the same way and should go out either the very next day or the day after at the latest.

Include a deeper look into your content and explain about the various aspects they can come to expect to receive going forward. You also have an excellent opportunity to begin branding your ‘tribe’ here; if you intend on creating a community around your offer, insert that here as well.

Autoresponder Series: The “Ramp Up” Email

Where the first two communications were about giving your subscribers understanding how your process works, this email’s job is to begin walking them towards another conversion by turning the warm lead into a hot one by giving them compelling reasons to act. Social proof—if you have some—works wonderfully here as seeing other people’s success can easily be woven into the fabric of your copywriting.

A couple of good ways to do that is to tease a free webinar or access to additional exclusive content if they act now. Don’t sell too hard here; clever storytelling will gently bring the subscriber context and will help your content go a lot further.

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During the lifecycle of your autoresponder series, you will undoubtedly try several things to help guide subscribers along the path to conversion. In this post, we covered three essential email types that will help better warm your leads and why each serves an instrumental purpose.

Question(s) of the day: How do you structure your autoresponder emails? Let us know in the comments below!

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