5 Inspirational Movies That'll Make You Laugh, Cry and Fly High!

We all have had an experience of watching movies and then come out of a theater feeling totally different. This is because movies have the capability to influence and inspire your decisions about life.

The great directors, writers and actors are highly skilled in producing movies that impact the emotions of an audience.  I’m not ashamed to admit certain movies have shook me to my core.

Inspirational movies can act as a motivational bridge to greatness and re-committing to the success you’ve truly desired. In this post, we will highlight 5 inspirational movies that could change your life forever.

Office Space

If you are searching for a movie to inspire you to quit your blood-sucking job and become an entrepreneur, then Office Space is a film to watch.

As ridiculous as the movie is, it can inspire even the most timid people to take bold action and leave their office grind.

Being stuck in that “cubicle prison” could forever prevent you from achieving your ultimate goals (even if it’s to do absolutely nothing like Peter Gibbons).

This is a bitter-sweet truth that you’ll learn once you watch this movie… with all it’s wild humor and shenanigans. 

The main character Peter reminds us all that people have limited time in this world, and you are not meant to spend that limited time sitting in small office cubicles.

So if you’ve ever worked that cubicle craziness, this is one of those unexpected inspirational movies.  I guarantee you’ll be busting a gut laughing while realizing you’re capable of so much more.

The Pursuit of Happyness

How could we not talk about “The Pursuit of Happyness” as one of the inspirational movies to greatness!

It is a true representation of the famous three words of “never give up.” Will Smith plays the role of Chris Gardner and how he lives out his story on screen will certainly give you goosebumps (I know it did for me every time I’ve seen it).

I guarantee you that this is one of those inspirational movies with the biggest payoffs at the end.  Why?  Because Will Smith takes you so deep along Chris Gardner’s epic story of struggle… you feel every setback as if it was your very own.

So when everything plays out the way it does in the end, you rejoice as intensely as he does.  If you’re currently in one of those periods of time where everything seems to be going the wrong way, this film is for you.  Let it encourage you to just… keep… fighting.

As Chris Gardner states so well, “The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls.”


In this movie, Bradley Cooper acts as a procrastinating writer by the name Eddie Morra. As a result of a very interesting “new resource”… his life changes drastically.

The Limitless movie is a film that you can’t resist to watch. In fact, it makes you feel like you’re riding a bullet train at Mach 2. This movie will enlighten you… and push your “limits” lol

You’ll get to think of the great steps you should be taking in your life to be successful… and challenge you as to why you’re not taking more action.

This movie will have you guessing all the way with it’s many twists and turns all while shocking your mindset as to what your true potential could reveal.

To this day, Limitless is one of my top 5 inspirational movies.  And whenever I need a swift kick to my motivation, I throw this bad boy in the blu-ray player.

Yes Man

Besides being an inspirational movie, the Yes Man is a total rollercoaster of fun too. Of course with Jim Carrey as Carl Allen… how could it not right?  His character lives an unfulfilled and average life. But one day, he lands at a self-help seminar going by the name “Yes”.

During his time there, his life makes a very interesting change to say the least.  All as a result of that one 3 letter word.  What kind of amazing and unexpected things could show up for you just by saying YES?

This movie will inspire you to greatness as it will remind you of the many opportunities you’ve missed in life simply because you said “No” to situations.  

If you’re looking for some great laughs all while helping embrace more YES in your life, this one does the trick.

October Sky

This is one of those under the radar, sneaky great inspirational movies.  Now most people I’ve run into have never even heard of it at all.  But don’t let that fact prevent you from letting this film move your heart and mind.

This was one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s early roles and he absolutely crushes it.  The power of this underrated film is that it taps into the classic story of dealing with family expectations and fighting against all odds.

How many of us have wanted so desperately to pursue our passion, and yet have those closest to us doubt and undermine us every step of the way?  

In my mind, it’s one of the most intense challenges anyone of us takes on as a big dreamer.  If you’ve ever found yourself trapped in the role of underdog… watch this film.  By the end, your spirit will be flying high.

As you can see,  success happens when you get up more times than when you fall. It’s that simple.  

There are many sources of inspirational messages to energize and motivate you. But to me there’s nothing better than kicking back with some popcorn, a soda and let the magic of film take over.

Hope to see you at the movies!


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!


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