How To Market Effectively in 2019: Your Audience May Listen... But Do They Hear You?

As we head into 2019, the way to market effectively (and improve profits) will continue to change.  With every new social media feature or paid advertising platform, your audience is going to be bombarded with information.

If you continue to market like it’s 1999, you’ll quickly be left in the dust.  But if you’re keeping yourself current with marketing trends, you can set yourself apart from your competition in a gigantic way.  So how will you do it?

Check out these 3 key tips on how to market effectively in 2019… and beyond.

Your Audience Must Hear You… Not Just Listen

As you read that above, you might’ve shook your head wondering how in the world are those two things any different?  Listening is the same as hearing right? Not according to Wesley Snipes.

Yup… Wesley Snipes… the actor who played the character Sidney Deane in the 1992 film, “White Men Can’t Jump.” (Dang… I was a sophomore at NDSU when that came out… time flies 😳)

Anyway if you never saw that classic flick, there’s a scene where Woody Harrelson’s character pops in a Jimmy Hendrix cassette and start rocking out.  Wesley’s character is shocked and they get in a heated argument that Woody may be listening to Jimmy, but he can’t “hear him.”

It’s a hilarious scene… but it’s also a powerful key to how you market effectively.

Now you may have tons of content that you pump out every day on your Facebook, IG, YouTube, your email list or podcast.  And those who are tuning in are most certainly listening to it all… but can they “hear you.”

This is where you as a freelance digital marketer must create content and share value that strikes at the heart of your audience’s problems.  

When they consume your content, they’ll move beyond simply listening to hearing what you have to say when they realize you truly heard them.

When you talk straight to them about how frustrated they are at their unfulfilling 9 to 5 and empathize with their situation… they’ll hear everything you say.

And the more they hear you, the most they pay close attention to what you have to offer them as a solution.  So the next time you share your call to action, it won’t go in one ear and out the other. Instead, they’ll lean in and truly hear that your solution is the one they need.

Your Best Marketing Strategy Is A Four Letter Word

Boy I bet that line above made you perk up in your seat right?  Don’t worry I’m not about to drop a curse word, although the fella this concept comes from drops them all the time.

That 4 letter word that will allow you to market effectively moving forward is this…


I first heard this from the entrepreneur dynamo who is Gary Vaynerchuk.  And if you’re able to create your marketing messages so that your audience feels that you genuinely do… they’ll hear you loud and clear.

Cuz think about it.  Let’s say you’re learning the same type of information from two different business leaders.  

But the first one just seems to preach at you, shares content without any real storytelling or just doesn’t seem to be as involved emotionally with what she is sharing.

On the other hand, the second leader shares his value with 100% passion, doesn’t sugarcoat reality and gets in deep with you market effectively with passionon your level… in the trenches.  You can literally feel that they want you to win so bad that if you don’t… they’ll feel like a failure too.

Who would you buy from?  Of course it’s the second one because you’ll have a connection with him because he takes a personal interest in your success.  So if you’re looking to market effectively… show them you freaking CARE and they’ll love you for it.

Your Audience Should Want To Hear From You

This 3rd and final tip seems like common sense, but these days common sense is usually lost in the shuffle.  Especially when it comes to marketing effectively with your business.

For the majority of your audience, when they think of the term “marketing” it usually only makes them feel annoyed and upset (#triggered).  With all the newsfeed ads, story ads, pop ups, pop unders and those “right smack in the middle of the video I’m enjoying” ads… people have gone deaf to most marketing.

But you can turn the tide on this downward spiral with your messaging by providing the type of treasured, valuable content that your followers absolutely love.  

They will anxiously await for your next Facebook Live or latest blog post. In fact, you want your marketing to be the type that if it disappeared from their lives… it would hurt.

They’d miss you like they’d miss their closest family… or their BFF.

So as long as you listen closely to what your audience needs from you and provide them the solutions… they’ll happily hear you whenever you show up in their lives.  They’ll gladly give you their undivided attention (and money for your products) because they know you’re giving them your best.

I think the iconic marketing scientist that is Seth Godin says it best…

“The word marketing should mean ‘What do we call it when we make something people want?’

Follow that wisdom in how you build your business and your audience will hear and hang on your every word.  And they will make sure that others need to hear you too.


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!

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