​10 Quotes to Help You Overcome Fear of Failure

book about fear of failureOne of the ways to become successful and absolutely crush your fear of failure is to study the life of others.  To find out how they became successful and try to learn from their philosophy.

The fear of failure is the major reason great ideas are never brought into this world.  If you must succeed, then you have to first overcome your fears.

Here’s some motivation from successful entrepreneurs around the world to help you overcome the fear of failure.

#10 -Thomas A. Edison

A wise man once said, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

This is one of the most famous examples of persistence and resilience. Believing in your vision up to that point that failure is not an option and about never taking no for an answer. Humanity will always remain thankful because he didn’t stop trying even after the 9,999th attempt in creating a light bulb.

#9-Henry Ford

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind notfrustrated man with it” 

He was known for the revolution he brought to the automobile industry. He fought for what he believed in, faced several setbacks, overcame failure and rose to the top of the car industry even after he had failed three times.

Don’t you ever, ever lose hope faithful reader.

#8-Robert T. Kiyosaki

“Don’t bury your failures, let them inspire you”

The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” really knows what it means to fail and how one’s failure can become a stepping stone. In his lifetime, he has experienced several setbacks… including bankruptcy.

He remains a very successful entrepreneur and financial coach with investments across real estate, oil, publishing, retail, education, mining, finance, etc.

But if he’d allowed himself to be buried under the soul crushing weight of past failures, he’d never have achieved greatness.  So the next time you feel like failure is burying you… grab a shovel.  

Show the world how strong you truly are as you dig yourself up and out!

#7-Stephen McCranie

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has tried”

To be the very best in what you do, to attain some level of precision and expertise, you would have tried doing the same thing in different ways consistently and diligently for a long time. You may fail a couple of times, but as you continue, you’ll figure out the best way to do it.

It is this key mindset that separates you as a master of your life.

A master embraces failure because it reveals the wisdom needed to expand.  The beginner lets fear of failure prevent him from ever taking that first step.  Act like a master and you’ll see how failure sets you free.

#6-Robert T. Kiyosaki (Part 2)

woman with no fear of failure“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.”

This simply means if you want to succeed, you have to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Wear a thick skin that is impermeable to the discouragement that comes from failing.

When you fail, brace up and forge ahead, overcome failure by trying again in a different way.  You’re a winner… act like it!

#5-Malcolm S. Forbes

“Failure is success if we learn from it”

A 19th-century entrepreneur and businessman, who through his leadership and commitment, was able to build one of the largest financial magazine companies.  He took the company to a remarkable height after the death of his father who happened to be the founder. Every major breakthrough comes after several failed attempts.

So as you progress, always remember that within the failures are life lessons.  And those lessons are only contained within that experience of falling down to rise back up again.  Learn to become an eternal student of failure and let it carry you to success.

#4-Muhammad Ali

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

Popularly known as the greatest, he was one of the most successful boxers of all time. Based on his physique it was believed that he wouldn’t succeed as a boxer, but the reverse was the case.  

Through leveraging the supreme power of his mindset (and legendary trash talking) Ali left his mark not only boxing, but the world at large for generations to come.  To this day, his courage in how he chose to live his life inspires millions.

Let your courage amongst failure do the same for your followers… become the leader they know you are right now.

#3-Mark Manson

“90% of your plans are going to fail no matter what you do. Get used to it.”

Mark Mason is an internet entrepreneur, a best selling author and thought leader.  And as you can see from his quote above, he lives his life guided by realistic expectations.  

It may seem harsh knowing that most of our plans could fail… but there’s also something very empowering too.

Listen… if you know that going in… why would you have any fear of failure?  You’ll come to know failure as something very common and just part of the deal.  With that level of acceptance, you can take your shot at success over and over and over again.  

And all it takes is for you to stay in the game until you hit that 10% that unleashed your biggest win.

#2-F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”

Oh man… this one just hits home deep am I right?  How many times have you found yourself turning one moment of temporary failure into a final end to your progress?  Believe me I understand as I’ve turned many a molehill into a mountain.

Don’t let your mind trick you into a false story.  In the grand scheme of your entire life, a single defeat is absolutely nothing.  It’s a single drop of water in an ocean of limitless possibility.  Learn to treat the small defeats as they should be… they just don’t matter one bit… keep making moves.

#1-Jack Canfield

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

Canfield is a successful entrepreneur who has been committed to training and helping other people achieve their plans and purpose. He’s written several books and is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and motivational teachings.

And of course most of you know him by his life changing work with the inspiring book series, Chicken Soup For The Soul.  Can you imagine how much of a tragedy it would be if fear kept him from writing those books?  How many lives would’ve never been change for the better?

All of your dreams are simply on the other side of that false canyon called fear… TAKE YOUR LEAP OF FAITH!

These are a few of the many quotes we believe will help you overcome your fear of failure and give you the motivation you need to take the next step. Now go smash fear in the face my friend… and WIN.


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