Email Marketing Isn't Dead (Not Even Close)

As a business owner at the current times, don’t let the social media frenzy trick you… email marketing isn’t dead.  And if you ignore this fact, you could be spelling doom for your online business. While building and expanding your social media presence is extremely valuable, overlooking the “old school ROI” of email marketing is a grave mistake.

Undoubtedly, marketing your services or products by email can be a quick, manageable and cost-effective method of reaching new clients and keeping the existing ones.

Email marketing can enable you to build targeted and personalized messages. Consequently, this can assist you to create a significant relationship with your clients. Plus, it can enhance response rates to your direct personal or direct marketing campaigns.  So email marketing isn’t dead… Not by a long shot.

Let’s dive into the key advantages first…

The Advantages Of Email Marketing

1). Segmentation and personalization – With email marketing you can choose to personalize messages. Also, you can segment your marketing list, such that your clients get messages from you that they are the most excited about – this will further heighten their commitment to you.

2). Flexible design – You can opt to send graphics, plain text or attach files- any that satisfies or delivers your message suitably. A variety of design alternatives gives you a wide range of options in order to communicate your business branding effectively to your audience.

3). Cost-effective – Email marketing is relatively cheaper compared to other forms of marketing. Remember that there are noman woman typing emails advertising costs, media space or printing charges.  The only cost you have when you email out a promotional message is whatever the monthly or yearly investment in your autoresponder service might be.

When you compare email marketing to paid ads on Facebook, YouTube etc. you’re literally getting high quality direct response benefits for pennies on the dollar.  Just this example of decreasing marketing budgets shows why email marketing isn’t dead.

4). Less intrusive – When you compare it to telephone marketing, the recipients can view your message at their own time as they wish.  With emails, you’re able to respect the time and schedule of your prospects and customers.  And you’ll never be treated as an unexpected interruption.

5). Real-time marketing – With email marketing, you can link with clients in real-time. Applying automated triggers like recent purchase, website activity or cart abandonment, you can reach the appropriate audience, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate location and with the appropriate offer.  This type of interaction is what direct response is all about!

And yet another clear cut reason why email marketing isn’t dead my friend.

6). Benchmarks – This is where you can compare your business results against your competitors. Normally, there are a lot of free email marketing benchmarking reports you can access online. The resulting benchmarking data can assist you to assess and prioritize enhancement opportunities for your own business.

7). Conversions and increased sales – In case you have a brand-new promotion, people can click on links and subsequently follow your call-to-action directly.

Plus, email marketing is essential at every step of the process of buying. For instance, you can convince someone to accept your product, nourish the client relationship after their purchase and further strengthen future purchases through follow up emails.

Now that you’ve gone through these 7 examples, it’s easy to see that email marketing isn’t dead.  But that’s not to say there aren’t some pitfalls you need to avoid.

Pitfalls To Avoid In Email Marketing

1). Spam – If your messages are not aimed at the right recipients, it can be termed as ‘spam’ and can be quite irritating. In fact, the recipient can unsubscribe or delete your email. To minimize this, be sure to comply with the privacy and data protection rules. Again, ensure that your message is targeted at the individuals who really want to receive it.

2). Undelivered emails – Poorly created emails may not be delivered. For instance, emails that use particular spam keywords in their subject title or content may be eliminated by email software or internet service providers.  And if your subscribers aren’t getting your emails… guess what?  They can’t buy and there goes your ROI my friend.

3). Size issues – Files in your email marketing should be short enough to download fast. Emails containing a lot of images may take quite long to load, therefore, losing the interest of your audience.

Building an email list is one of the long-term assets to your business that you should not ignore. This is because it will help you retain your existing customers as you expand to reach more new customers as well.

Now that you understand that email marketing isn’t dead… combine it’s unique advantages alongside your social media channels.  Creating a loyal following via social media aids in building your business brand, reputation and a valuable connection with your audience. All these will keep your clients updated about your latest products and promotions.  And ultimately increase your sales conversions.

And as you continue to leverage the hot trends of social media, you’re able to direct those followers and fans to your greatest asset… your email list.  So as you can see… it’s not about whether email marketing is still better than social media.

It’s about making them work together hand in hand to expand your brand and boost your bottom line.  Because in the end, when it comes to effective marketing, it all works if you work it right.

So yeah… email marketing isn’t dead faithful reader.

It’s definitely here to stay for a very long time.

Viva La Email Marketing!


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!



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