3 Ways To Create Highly Engaging Content So You Can Close More Sales 

Content is king these days.  Which is why it’s absolutely vital that you know how to create highly engaging content.  Every modern day business is striving to produce content as regularly as possible to mesmerize their followers.

That said, it is not just enough that your business constantly produces content for the sake of it but that it creates topnotch pieces that are entertaining and helpful to the readers.

Why?  Because info-tainment is the first step to connecting with your audience and closing more sales my friend.  

Here are a couple of pointers to help you in your audience building quest.

1)  Authenticity At All Times

The internet is flooded with tons of information around your niche and, consequently, it’s not easy to create content that is entirely unique.

However, while virtually every topic of discussion has been looked at time and time again, you should search for a different approach that highlights a new dimension of your product or service.

Let your personality shine through your writing and add your own unique voice to it while sprinkling it with a touch of unique personal experiences.

Speaking of which, model your content to come off as if you are telling a story with one part paving way for the next.  

Create your own “cliffhanger” moments where your audience will be begging to see what you do next. Which brings us to our next way to for you to create highly engaging content.

2)  Tickle Their Brains

There is a reason why people love brain teasers so much and it’s simply because they’re challengingly fun and they keep the mind firing on all cylinders. The same goes for quality content which should not only be entertaining but also thought-provoking at the same time.

You can turn your content into a mental treat by steering clear of black and white answers.  Instead play around the gray area of possibilities that causes the reader’s imaginations to keep on guessing.

Be sure to avoid definitive answers at the beginning and instead leave the door of possibility ajar until the very end.

This strategy is certain to cause a buzz in your comments section as people battle it out for answers thereby bolstering your engagement metrics.

3)  Visuals Carry The Day… Always

Endless streaks of black texts strutting across the screen page after page can have your visitors out of the door just as fast as they came in. Using visual elements such as images and videos will ensure that is not the case by breathing a new life into an overwhelming sea of numbers and letters.

In terms of information retention, studies have shown that online consumers can remember up to 65% of information delivered visually compared to a 20% cut-off with plain text only.

Further emphasizing this importance is that imaged tweets get 1.5 times more retweets than those without.  While Facebook posts rack in 2.3 more times when containing images.

Your social media content should never be lacking in visuals as it is clearly the key to rapidly increasing engagement.  The power is in the pics!

Wrapping UP…

Content marketing boasts a wide range of benefits including the effective building of trust, loyalty and brand awareness and reaching out to the many who don’t give ads a second look.

Also, by effectively educating your client base on a service or product, you can organically advertise what you have to offer in a non-intrusive and seamless manner.  Plus you’re able to entertain and inspire all while you close more sales.

If you’re looking to create highly engaging content, then the 3 pro tips above (along with our previous post here) will have you crushing it in your business in no time flat.

Can’t wait to see what you create… see ya online!


Jason is a key member of the marketing team here at AWOL.  He brings a wide range of skills sets to the table such as copywriting, content and email marketing.  When he’s not helping to crank out the latest marketing campaigns, he is addicted to spreading an attitude of gratitude through inspirational speaking, collecting fedoras and anything Bruce Lee… Waka!


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